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FIA Introductory, Intermediate & Diploma

This is a comprehensive course package that includes all required papers within the FIA qualification. Students do not require any prior knowledge or experience to undertake this course of study as the study will begin with the basic topics within the Introductory papers.

Recording Financial Transaction FA1
(Ideal Reference FIA1)

This module will introduce the basic accounting systems and documentation that will be encountered in the workplace. You will develop knowledge of the operational aspects of maintaining accounting records and procedures and learn how to record these transactions in the books of prime entry, including an introduction to the principles of double entry and understanding how manual and computerised accounting systems work. 

Management Information MA1
(Ideal Reference FIA2)

This module will introduce the basic cost information required for management accounting. You will develop the knowledge and ability to recognise, collect and record basic cost and revenue information for planning and control including the use of spreadsheets in management accounting. 

Maintaining Financial Records FA2
(Ideal Reference FIA3)

This module introduces the fundamental principles of accounting and develops the knowledge and understanding of the techniques used to maintain accounting records. You will produce accounting records including ledger accounts, sales tax records (where applicable), control accounts, reconciliations, making adjustments to Trial Balance to produce and extended Trial Balance. This will cover sole traders and partnerships. 

Managing Costs and Finances MA2
(Ideal Reference FIA4)

Here you will develop the knowledge and understanding of the principles and techniques used in recording, analysing and reporting costs and revenues for internal management purposes. You will develop applicable cost concepts in making short-term decisions and the application of spreadsheets in management accounting will be taken further. 

Financial Accounting FFA
(Ideal Reference FIA5)

You will develop knowledge and understanding of the underlying principles and concepts relating to financial accounting and you will be able to demonstrate technical proficiency in the use of double entry techniques, including the preparation of basic financial statements for sole traders, companies and simple groups of companies. 

Management Accounting FMA
(Ideal Reference FIA6)

You will develop the knowledge and ability to apply appropriate management accounting concepts and techniques for decision making, planning and control forecasting techniques, the preparation of budgets and standard cost and performance measurement. 

Accountant in Business FAB
(Ideal Reference FIA7)

his module will develop your knowledge and understanding of the business environment and the influence it has on how organisations and accountants operate. You will looks at the role of the accountant and other key business functions in contributing to an efficient, effective and ethical organisation.  You will also gain knowledge and understanding of the basic principles of effective management, including business organisation, structure, governance and management; the key environmental influences and constraints on business and accounting; the history and role of accounting in business, and the specific functions of accounting and internal financial control.

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FIA Introductory, Intermediate and Diploma
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FIA Introductory, Intermediate & Diploma
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