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ICB Level 1 Certificate in Basic Bookkeeping

Level I Certificate in Basic Bookkeeping

Ideal Schools will provide:

  • All Study Materials provided in a presentation folder
  • 1 year tutorial support via phone & email 
  • 1st year ICB Student Registration
  • Continuous Self Progress tests & Answers
  • 5 x tutor marked assignments
  • Online report templates to help with assignment completion 
  • 1 x Past Paper
  • 1 x Online Practice Paper

Topics covered within this level are as follows:

Design and produce purchase orders, sales invoices, credit notes and statements of account which include VAT and trade discount; Understand the basic law relating to contract, the sale of goods and the retention of documents; Understand the nature of different accounting procedures including a simple system for coding business data; Understand the need to have an authorisation system for ordering goods; Understand the need to have a systematic filing system for business documents as part of the general administration of a business; Understand the importance of using recognisable documents in a standard house style; Understand the various methods of ordering, e.g. fax, internet etc.

Explain why they are needed and from what source of information they are compiled; Explain the principles of the double-entry system and the functions of the books in this regard; Draw up books and enter transactions in them; Post them to the ledger accounts; Make opening journal entries from the items provided; Make journal entries for the purchase of fixed assets; Make journal entries for the correction of errors; Correctly set up and make entries In a two column cash book; Understand the importance of credit control within a business.

Explain the importance of credit control ensuring that:
Payments are made on time.
Overdue debts are reviewed.

Explain their purpose; Explain the difference between capital and revenue items, and between real, nominal and personal accounts; Explain the significance of debit and credit entries in each of them; Make opening entries in them; Record the double-entry of transactions for capital and revenue items; Calculate and record their balances; Write off bad debts; Make correct entries for payroll transactions.

Explain why they are needed; Explain the types of error that they will/will not disclose; explain the action to be taken in the case of non-agreement; correct the errors made in the posting of any transaction not involving the suspense account; prepare such trial balances.

Understand the basic principles of the Data Protection Act; understand the functions and services of banks; describe the treatment of cheques, direct debits, standing orders, credit transfers, giro credits, CHAPS, BACs, credit and debit cards; Use cheque books and paying in slips correctly.

Full ICB Syllabus: Click here


Course Details

Course Number: ICB100
Course Fee: £197.00
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Additional Information
Student Reviews
Very Fullfilling

My level 1 basic bookkeeping studies with ideal schools have been such a fulfilling experience for me. Having not done any bookkeeping before, when I received and looked through the study material I thought it was completely out of my league. I emailed my tutor (scot) almost daily with question after question (some ridiculous ones too). I was so happy with the prompt answers (even to the ridiculous ones) & the complete support he gave me right up to the distinction I received in the final exam.

This is why I choose to study at home. You would never get this one on one tutoring in a classroom.

Thank you ideal schools


Kelly McHugh, Kent
Submitted 765 days ago
The right decision
I knew Ideal Schools was the right place from the moment I spoke to Sheila on the phone. She was extremely helpful and walked me through the whole process. All the study materials have been brilliantly laid out. I've found myself reading a paragraph and a question has popped in to my head, only for it to be answered in the next sentence.

Anytime, I've needed help over the phone, Al and Brian have been the instant gurus - problems solved. Jo, my tutor has been quick to mark my assignments and very supportive. I am now nearing the end of Level 2 manual and although it's a bit harder, the information is fully explained and you know you're only a phone call away from help. I'm glad I'm studying with yourselves as I don't feel it's an uphill struggle especially when I'm retraining in something completely different. So, thank you and here's hoping Level 2 exam is ok.......
Jennifer Gemmell, Glasgow
Submitted 855 days ago
Easy to follow
The support from Ideal Schools was most helpful in me achieving my result in Level 1.  Notes were easy to follow and when I needed help you always provided a quick response.
R. Hart, Hants
Submitted 864 days ago
Easy to Follow
I found the course content extremely clear and easy to follow.  When I did get stuck the telephone support was 10 out of 10.  The assignments were returned in a timely fashion and I would give the course a 5/5 and would highly recommend your company.
K. Hyde, N Yorks
Submitted 864 days ago
Delighted with my success...

I am really enjoying my Ideal Schools course. I registered for the ICB career path course: I like the material, the way of information is put, the tutoring, the communication with the college.

Despite the fact that I am a single mother with two little children (a 1 month old son and 25 months old daughter) I found time and determination to study - and they were screaming and disturbing me!

English is also not my first language but I concentrated and passed the ICB Level 1 book-keeping with 99%. It's great to study with Ideal Schools and the ICB! If I can study than everyone can!

Laura N, Surrey
Submitted 906 days ago
Superb support

Having recently completed Level 1 bookkeeping and gaining a distinction in the ICB exam I would like to thank IDEAL Schools for their superb support.

I found that the course material provided is well laid out and easy to follow, even for a novice like myself.

Support from the tutors has been excellent and always in a professional, timely and friendly manner. They are a joy to work with.

Overall 5/5 for the course and support.

I enjoyed the experience so much that I am now studying for level 11 and would whole heartedly recommend IDEAL Schools to anyone interested in pursuing a career in bookkeeping.
Brian Kane, Berks
Submitted 910 days ago
Good Course
Good course material. Tutors friendly and helpful.

Dee Weekes - London
Submitted 934 days ago
Brilliant on all accounts
I found the course, Level 1 in this case, easy to follow and each step made complete sense. I haven’t done any sort of exams/tests for 15 years and I still managed to keep up with no problems. In fact I found that I was more than prepared for the exam when I finally took it – it was easy in comparison to some of the work I had already completed. I did contact Ideal Schools Tutors a few times and on each occasion they were quick at replying and clear in their response. Brilliant on all accounts.
O Smith
Submitted 989 days ago
Passed with Distinction - thank you!
I have thoroughly enjoyed following this course and feel it has provided me with a completely solid foundation from which to progress. The Ideal Schools Team have been fantastic throughout and I very much appreciate the support I have been given. I would recommend this course to anyone remotely interested in bookkeeping.
Submitted 1128 days ago
Thank you Ideal Schools
I don't think I would have passed with a mark of 100% if it hadn't been for the exceptional quality of support I had from Ideal Schools.

The study manuals are very clear and concise, bearing in mind I had very little knowledge of accounts prior to starting this course, and they guided me methodically through each chapter. Each assignment I submitted was returned promptly and with a note of encouragement from Jo (who marked most of my assignments) which continually built my confidence.

On occasion when I had issue with a concept, I emailed my problem and received a prompt and extremely helpful response from Brian.

I would thoroughly recommend Ideal Schools to anyone considering studying bookkeeping. I'm just finishing Level II Manual Bookkeeping & Accounts with my final exemination in the next couple of weeks. If I'm successful I'll be starting Level II Computerised Bookkeeping straight afterwards and hopefully go on to get my Practice Licence.

If I was to give a grade for my courses so far it would definately be a 5. And who knows, if I do get through all of the above, I'm not sure I'd want to stop.

Andrew Newman - Kent
Submitted 1128 days ago
Exam pass
Thank you for the help to get me to this grade (100% distinction). I thoroughly enjoyed my study of this course and I cannot think of anything that would be required to improve it.
Chin Yang Shapland - E. Sussex
Submitted 1129 days ago
100% pass
Hello Ideal,

I am delighted to have passed my ICB Level 1 with 100%. I am now half way through Level 2 Manual & Level 2 Computerised with Ideal Schools and am pleased to say I am finding the course content excellent. Keep up the good work.


Heather Palmer - Ascot
Submitted 1129 days ago
100% Distinction

Just wanted to let you know that I've passed the Level 1 Basic Book-keeping exam with Distinction, 100%.

The course materials ensured that I was more than adequately prepared for the exam, and I'd like to thank the tutors, particularly Brian, for their support during my studies.

Now starting Level 2....

Kind regards
Pauline Norman

Pauline Norman - Southampton
Submitted 1136 days ago
Thank you
I have been extremely happy with the course particularly the course material. I find the material easy to follow and find the Progress Tests and Assignments invaluable to my understanding and progress.

On the occassions I have needed to contact someone for assistance I have found them very helpful and have always managed to explain in more detail anything I have been struggling with. Keep up the good work.

Kind regards.


Lynne Bell - Ross-shire
Submitted 1207 days ago
Excellent course
Dear Brian

Just wanted to let you know that after completing my excellent Ideal Schools Level 1 Manual Bookkeeping Course, I achieved 100% in my ICB exam. I've just received my certificate from the ICB and, having had no experience of bookkeeping prior to starting my course, feel considerably more confident now.

I would be grateful if you could pass on my thanks to everyone at Ideal Schools, especially Jo who marked my assignments and added words of encouragement.

I have already started my Level 2 studies and should be sending in my first assignment shortly so onwards and upwards.

Thanks again.

Andrew Newman - Kent
Submitted 1227 days ago
5 star
I have tried several distance learning courses but, by far, the best is Ideal Schools. They are so helpful and prepare you so well for the exams. I can't believe that 6 months ago I had only just began my studies and I'm nearing the end of them already. I've passed every exam with distinction and I know it's down to the brilliant help of Ideal Schools. Thank you so much and I look forward to my future studies with you."

Grade for the courses: 5

Grade for the staff: 5

D. Thomas - Notts
Submitted 1240 days ago
Thanks All :)
Good afternoon Ideal Schools,

I hope that you are having a good day!

I am as I have just passed my Level 1 ICB with 100% Distinction! :) - Thanks to the great materials that you provided me with.

Onto the Level 2 now. I have already received the level 2 file so will crack on with that now!

Thanks all :)
D.Y. - Notts
Submitted 1246 days ago

I just wanted to let you know that I have just achieved a Distinction (96%) for my Level 1 online examination. I'm thrilled to bits!

Thank you so much for your help in guiding me through the course - I can't thank you enough!

Now on to Level 2...

Best wishes
Liz T. - Glos
Submitted 1246 days ago
Methodical courses
Thank you for your help with this excellent, methodical course. Progress tests and assignments drill in the important concepts. The ICB Level 1 exam was a doddle. 99% pass with 1 1/2 hrs to spare! Very helpful tutors and staff.



PS - congratulations on Ideal Schools awards success.


Graham - Middx
Submitted 1250 days ago
Distinction pass :-)
I found Ideal Schools to be a very thorough course which has left me with a good understanding of the subject. An excellent introduction and I would recomment the course to anyone who is a complete beginner in the subject as I was. I felt well prepared for the exam and achieved 98%.

Many, many thanks

Elizabeth - London
Submitted 1254 days ago
Very Pleased!
I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU to everyone at Ideal Schools for your patience and invaluable learning assistance which enabled me to achieve a merit on my Level 1 Certificate in Basic Bookkeeping. The course content was very clear and easy to grasp, the tests after each section are invaluable as were the assessments and past papers. If I did have any doubts, someone was always at the end of the phone to help. Having not studied for over 20 years with no experience of bookkeeping, I was initially daunted by the whole concept however you guys instantly made me feel at ease  So much so I have since upgraded to the full career path and look forward to my continued study with you.
Jo Gurrie - Suffolk
Submitted 1254 days ago
I'm Delighted
I'm delighted to let you know that I've just passed the Level 1 Certificate. Thanks for all your help and support. I'd just like to say that I found the case studies particularly helpful in coming to grips with the basic concepts of double-entry bookeeping. I'm looking forward to starting work on my Level 2 Certificate.

Best wishes.


EV - Edinburgh
Submitted 1256 days ago
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