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AAT Level 1 Award in Accountancy (Access)

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AAT Access is a short qualification that introduces you to fundamental business and finance skills. It’s a practical way to increase your employability, confidence and career prospects. Gaining the AAT Access qualification can help you find work in a range of organisations, from small local firms to large, multinational companies.

Who should study AAT Access
AAT Access is suited to people who:

Have little or no background in accounting and finance in the UK
Need a short ‘refresher’ course in basic business and finance skills
Want to find out what accountancy and finance involves, before committing to more study
Plan to study the Level 2 Certificate in Accounting, and want to make sure they have basic business and finance skills.

Ideal Schools will provide:

  • All Study Materials via textbook
  • Online access to study materials
  • 1 year tutorial support via phone & email
  • Continuous Self Progress tests & Answers
  • 4 x tutor marked assignments
  • Unlimited access to online practice questions

Exam Structure:  1 x centre based examinations
Study Time: Approx 20-30 hours

Additional Costs: 
1 x AAT Registration fee of £43
1 x Centre-Based exam costing approx £60-65
Centre based exams include the AAT charge and your centre invigilation fee, which can vary from centre to centre.


Accounting in a professional environment:

Understand how efficient working practices and personal development help to succeed.
Appreciate how the legal framework and ethical behaviour affect the way a business is run.

Mathematics for accounting:

Build and develop skills across a range of basic mathematical functions using financial data.
Recognise basic mathematical concepts and apply them to a range of numerical skills required by financial professionals.

Creating business documents:

Recognise documents used within the accountancy function and other areas of business.
Comprehend the importance of good quality communications, including knowledge of formal and informal written communications.
Identify different types of business documents and understand why it is important to choose the right style for internal and external communications.

Essential accounting procedures:

Apply basic accounting terminology to business documents and procedures.
Understand the principles of single entry accounting systems, including preparing to record business transactions in the books of prime entry.
Identify various types of coding and batch control.
Prepare documents to process receipts and payments.
Draw up a basic profit statement.

What can I do after I complete AAT Access?

After completing AAT Access, you will have a basic understanding of business and financing concepts. If you want to continue developing your skills, you can progress to Level 2 of the AAT Accounting Qualification.


Course Details

Course Number: AAT100     Save 10%
Course Fee: £205.00 NOW ONLY £184.00
You can pay the full price or pay a deposit of £94.00 (0% APR), followed by 2 monthly payments of £45.00
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Course Details
Course Number: AAT100     Save 10%
Course Fee: £205.00 NOW ONLY £184.00
You can pay the full price or pay a deposit of £94.00 (0% APR), followed by 2 monthly payments of £45.00
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