Vip Patel

My bookkeeping/accountancy journey is perhaps different to most. I decided to retire at the age of 50, as with most that retire at an early age, I was bored soon after. So I looked into what I could do from home and do what I enjoyed most which was helping small businesses. As a previous owner of several small businesses that I grew over the years, I felt I was best placed to help others, especially from a financial stand point.

After having chatted to Brian from Ideal Schools, it was a no brainer, I wanted to learn more about bookkeeping and accountancy. So I signed up to the full ICB course, 9 months later having completed all ICB qualifications, I started my practice. Early on I knew I wanted my practice to different from other practices, coming for an IT back ground, I wanted my practice to be virtually paperless and technology driven. So I chose Xero (and have not looked back). Roll forward to present, I have a thriving practice with 3 employees and and an office and enjoying helping our growing client base.

How to arrange contact with Vip:
Using the following contact information, provide us with your contact details, preferred time of contact and a brief description of what you’d like to discuss. Vip will then be in touch as per your request.

Phone: 0141 248 5200 / 0800 028 1404