Mark Williams

I started Bookkeeping when i was appointed as treasurer for a local community group.  Having done this for a few years, I decided to gain some qualifications with the intention of running my own business.

I contacted a few training providers before deciding to study with ideal schools.  I made a plan and wanted to pass the exams and become a member of ICB within 2 Years.  I was working full time as a travelling sales representative and studied in every free minute i had – evenings, weekends and  even lunch breaks.

With the support from tutors at ideal schools, I achieved level 3 in just 9 months and then Self-Assessment shortly after. I was awarded my practice licence in October 2016.  I started my business whilst still working full time. I quickly found that there was so much demand for my business and took the massive decision to leave my full time job in April 2017.

Since then I haven’t looked back. Using my sales background, my business has grown and I now have over around 50 Clients.  I was shortlisted for the ICB LUCA in 2018 and have won some local Awards. My life has changed so much that I now have time for new experiences, holidays  and more time for my family.

I know first-hand the positive impact that a bookkeeping career can have and I am delighted to be able to share my knowledge and experience for the benefit of others. Being asked to be one of Ideals’ Ambassadors is a true honour.

How to arrange contact with Mark:
Using the following contact information, provide us with your contact details, preferred time of contact and a brief description of what you’d like to discuss. Mark will then be in touch as per your request.

Phone: 0141 248 5200 / 0800 028 1404