Scot Van den Akker

We are all very proud that Scot has become the third IDEAL tutor to be presented with this prestigious award. With his detailed, personalised assignment feedback he’s guided countless students to their exam successes and this is what drives him….student successes. He was a bit taken aback with the student endorsements that were provided as part of the award application, but as with the awards itself, her deserved them. Asked for just a few words, Scot could not contain himself…..

“I was surprised, delighted and honoured to be awarded the ICB’s Tutor Of The Year Luca for 2016 on Tuesday29th November 2016.

The evening itself was so well put together by the ICB and I’d like to say a huge thanks to Garry, June and the whole ICB team. The surroundings certainly add to the sense of occasion and add prestige to the award ceremony itself.
The award itself is of course merely a reflection of the ethos of Ideal Schools; the leadership and inspiration shown by other Ideal Schools tutors over the years; and the desire to work with our students to create the best possible environment for them to thrive. It is not possible to be a tutor here and not work as hard as possible for the students…the ‘it will do’ attitude is simply not what was passed down to us, and is not part of how we operate in the present day. I’m just lucky that I was able to realise this personal success due to the atmosphere I work in and the ‘bets practice’ I have inherited.
I’d also like to thank the students: endlessly patient, eager to learn, always polite. The highlight of each working day is when tutorial support is successful and a student crashes through the obstacles they saw blocking their studies, and gets on top of a section or topic; seeing for themselves exactly how the pieces fit together: that to me is ‘being a good tutor’.
So thanks to Al, Brian, Sheila, Elaine, Jo, Eszther, Leisa and everyone else connected to Ideal Schools…the award is an ‘individual award’ but of course these things never really are. J”