1. Study in same place – a library, a study, or kitchen: the familiarity will be calming.
  2. Find regular, shorter, study blocks and avoid cramming…1 hour each on Tuesday evening, Thursday evening and Sunday afternoons, for example, is always better than trying to find a single 3-4 stretch in your schedule.
  3. Make notes as you go on…condense the various rules, tips and formulae into a small notebook to be kept by your side as you study.
  4. Always ask for help….nothing destroys the ‘vibe’ like staring at a question for hours and feeling lost. Telephone us, email us and/or get involved with our private Facebook support groups.
  5. Seek peace and quiet….NEVER easy but it’s hard to focus when you’re ‘in charge’ of dinner, the dog, the kids etc.
  6. Be bold…if the sun shines try and study in park or garden? While you lose the familiarity aspect you might enjoy the flexibility: don’t deny yourself and start to resent the study schedule.
  7. Don’t waste too much time on topics you already know. Concentrate on areas where you are not so strong.
  8. Google is your friend. It will never replace our own tutorial support services, but can be a valuable additional resource, especially when keeping up to date with the latest rates, percentages and other relevant facts.
  9. You can never revise too much for an exam: focus on mock papers, online practice papers, revisiting assignment work. It all helps in the end.
  10. Prior to taking any exam, always check the Course Updates section within your IDEAL website account. You may just stumble into something helpful and/or important.