ICB Fast-track Exemption

ICB Fast-Track Exemption

Course Fee Details

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Course Fee:


You can pay the full price or pay a deposit of £215.00 (0% APR), followed by 3 monthly payments of £71.50

Advantages of studying with IDEAL:

This tutor supported course is aimed at those who are AAT Level 3 qualified (bookkeeping or accounting) and are looking to gain Full Membership of ICB. It covers the topics of not-for-profit organisations and limited liability companies, which are not included in the AAT syllabus at Level 3 and bridges the knowledge gap to ensure candidates are fully prepared for the MICB Entrance Paper.

If you are qualified to AAT Level 2, or have qualifications from another awarding body, and wish to discuss the transition to ICB, please call our offices on 0141 248 5200 or 0800 028 1404 and one of our advisory team will advise you.

Within this package, we have brought together EVERYTHING that you need to make the transition from AAT Level 3 to MICB, including exemption and exam fees:

Ideal Schools will provide:

Associated Exams:

MICB Entrance Paper

Exam Structure:

1 x home based examination

Study Time:

Approx 30 hours

Entry requirement:

AAT Level 3 Bookkeeping (inc L2 UAS) or Accounting (gained within last 5 years)

Monthly Payment Notice

We do not charge interest for monthly payments. To cover costs of additional security measures recently implemented in the banking system, there is a £1.50 charge added to each monthly payments to cover the cost of applying these measures in our systems.

What your course will cover:
General Revision

We understand that some who embark on this journey have completed previous study a number of years ago (5 years max), and may benefit from revising some previously covered topics. If your knowledge is fresh, this section of study can be bypassed. The revision covers the following:

Control accounts; Construction Industry Scheme (CIS); Profit measurement; Capital and revenue expenditure; capital and revenue income; depreciation, Disposal of an asset; Revaluation of assets; Prepayments and accruals, Closing stock, Net realisable value; reserves and provisions.

Final accounts of a not-for-profit organisation

Revision; sale/disposal of assets, prepayments and accruals; Underpinning knowledge regarding not-for-profit organisations; Understanding the different requirements of a chart of accounts for such an organisation; Understand the concepts of the different forms of income for not-for-profit organisations including a subscriptions account; Posting adjustments including the subscriptions account and disposal and acquisition of fixed assets; Final accounts of a not-for-profit organisation

Financial accounts of incorporated businesses

Final accounts including adjustments for a limited company (internal management accounts format);Limited liability partnerships;Calculation and interpretation of ratios; Cashflow forecasting

Exemption / Membership Notice:

When you have passed your Entrance Paper you’ll be invited to join ICB as a Full Member. At this time you’ll pay only the difference between Student & Full Membership.

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