ICB Level 3 Certificate in Bookkeeping & Accounting (M4-M8)

ICB Level 3 Certificate In Bookkeeping & Accounting (M4-M8)

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You can pay the full price or pay a deposit of £110.00 (0% APR), followed by 8 monthly payments of £55.25

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This Full Membership course covers the five study elements required for this qualification. You will cover reconciliations, adjustments and preparation of final accounts for non-incorporated businesses or organisations (sole traders, partnerships & non profit making organisations) and management reports for incorporated businesses (Limited Co’s). Upon successful completion of your examinations, possible employment prospects would include employed or self-employed opportunities.

Entry Requirements: You are required to have completed the ICB Level 2 qualification or have been granted exemption from this due to previous qualifications or experience.

Ideal Schools will provide:

ICB Course Sample – you can view the first 25 pages of this, and other ICB courses, via THIS LINK.

Associated Exams:

M4, M5, M6 M7 & M8

Exam Structure:

5 x home based examinations – M4-M7 exams are 3hrs in length. M8 exam is 2hrs in length.

Study Time:

Approx 150-=160 hours

Add Exam Fees to your Enrolment

Total exam fees for this course option are £415.00 (5 @ £83). When it comes to paying for your exams you have two options:

The choice is yours!!

Monthly Payment Notice

We do not charge interest for monthly payments. To cover costs of additional security measures recently implemented in the banking system, there is a £1.50 charge added to each monthly payments to cover the cost of applying these measures in our systems.

The syllabus for the three associated exams are as follows:
Paper M4 – reconciliations and final accounts of a sole trader
Home / place of work based assessment to include:
Paper M5 – final accounts of a partnership
Home / place of work based assessment to include:
Paper M6 – final accounts of a not-for-profit organisation
Home / place of work based assessment to include:
Paper M7 – Management accounts of incorporated businesses
Home /place of work based assessment to include:
Paper M8 – Level 3 External Assessment

The assessment will be a mixture of multi-choice and data entry questions which will cover all elements of the Level 3 syllabus.

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