ICB Level 4 Diploma- Combined Package

ICB Level 4 Diploma- Four Course Package

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You can pay the full price or pay a deposit of £110.00 (0% APR), followed by 12 monthly payments of £59.00

Advantages of studying with IDEAL:

This Level 4 Diploma package is the highest level of qualification available via ICB. Our focus, as a college, has always been to allow students to achieve as highly as possible, with the intention of increasing career prospects and earning potential. Our structured, fully tutor supported course in these advanced subjects, give you the best chance of exam success. Our ongoing career support ensures you can use your new skills confidently in professional practice.

Our courses are not only designed to prepare you for your ICB exams, where they provide many, realistic worked examples of how your new skills will be implemented when using them in practice. If you want to gain your qualifications AND ensure you are prepared to use your skills professionally, then this is the course package for you.

Each unit within this package is available individually but by committing to all four elements within this level you will save 20% on the fees.

If you do not require or wish to study all four units, call our offices or email admin@idealschools.co.uk and we’ll provide a quote based on your personal requirements.

Important points to note:
Full details on each individual element can be found by clicking the links below:
Your Ideal Schools course will consist of the following:
Entry Requirements: Full Membership of ICB

ICB Course Sample – you can view the first 25 pages of this, and other ICB courses, via THIS LINK.

Associated Exams:


Exam Structure:

4 x home based examination

Study Time:

Approx 300 hours

CPD Status:

70-80 hours per unit structured & unstructured, meeting ICB annual suggested target


Total exam fees for this course option are £420 (4 @ £105). When it comes to paying for your exams you have two options:

Monthly Payment Notice

We do not charge interest for monthly payments. To cover costs of additional security measures recently implemented in the banking system, there is a £1.50 charge added to each monthly payments to cover the cost of applying these measures in our systems.

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