Two Promotional Videos

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This purchasing option allows you to select two videos from the following, depending who you want to target with your video promotions.

When you enrol on this option you will be contacted directly and we’ll start the process of providing you with your preferred videos.

Remember, the more videos you purchase the cheaper the individual unit cost becomes. Click the following link if you’d like to consider the entire suite of three videos:

Video Option 1 – DIY Bookkeepers:
Business owners who attempt their own bookkeeping, taking up valuable time that they could spend growing their own business or with their family. You can provide them with sound financial management, ensuring they know exactly how their business is performing and that they are keeping on the right side of the tax man, the area that strikes fear into every small business.

Video Option 2 – Businesses who already use a bookkeeper:
As a qualified bookkeeper, you have the skills to maintain many aspects of a businesses finances. You are knowledgeable in modern technologies to help your clients become more efficient. Your qualifications and skill set may cover varying aspects of the bookkeeping and accounting function, allowing your prospective clients to streamline how their finances are dealt with, saving them money at the same time.

Video Option 3 – Accountants
Many accountants see the work of a bookkeeper as ‘menial’, although we all know this is not the case. A modern day bookkeeper can possess an extensive knowledge in aspects that were historically reserved for accountants, such as self-assessment tax, corporation tax, payroll management, etc. Working with a network of accountants, where they can put trust in your knowledge and skills as a qualified bookkeeper, can be a very valuable source of income.