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For many years Ideal Schools has provided high quality home study training courses, helping students achieve their goals and increase their earning potential. Our benchmark is our student successes where where students go on to become VERY successful bookkeepers. Ours and our students’ efforts have also been recognised with multiple industry awards. To see how our courses are structured please complete the form below with your contact details and you’ll be able to download our Free Lesson immediately.

With a little bit of hard work and dedication, could this be you next year?

We are immensely proud that, in recent times,  five of our students have been awarded the ICB Luca award for Student of the Year. This is a testament to their own hard work and also to the support services they utilised as part of their training.

Terry Ramm, shortly after receiving his Luca award from Prince Michael of Kent 

At the sprightly age of 63, Terry Ramm embarked on his training program with the ambition of setting up his own bookkeeping & accounting practice. Racing through our ICB Career Path package he reached his goal over one year ahead of schedule and has since also been awarded a Luca award for New Practice of the Year. Terry has every right to be very proud of himself and we’re delighted that he’s having great success in his new career.

Terry said:
“To be recognised By ICB for this award feels so surreal and this will take me a long while to return to planet earth.
I couldn’t have done this without the support of my wife who has stood by me from day 1 and continues to push me to achieve more.
This will be eternally with me and my practice will flourish I am sure with this accolade.
Many big thanks to Garry Carter and his team at ICB for bestowing this award upon me.
It was also particularly pleasing to be involved in a year where Team Ideal had representation in 5 categories and came home with 4 LUCAs. Well done to all”