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The Institute of Certified Bookkeepers (ICB)

All courses are fully tutor supported and are provided in hard copy, with additional online access to help with exam revision.


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We are immensely proud of our student successes, which is not only due to their hard work and commitment, but also to our Accredited ICB courses, which have been specifically written for home-study, providing many examples and exercises as study progresses. Our support services are uniquely personal to each student giving them the best opportunity for exam and career success. 

Students have online access to their training materials as well as receiving the hard copy, ensuring they can always study in the most convenient way.

When it comes to exam preparation we leave nothing to chance. We provide tutor marked assignmentscomprehensive mock exams, and all available and official ICB Mock exams for each subject. So confident are we that our students will pass exams first time, we offer the safety net of our EXAM PASS GUARANTEE.  This provides the assurance that we’ll help our students in all aspects of their training to ensure their success. Our exceptionally high pass rates are proof that our systems work.

Please have a browse through our course information; then give our support team a no obligation call to discuss specific course options!

The Institute of Certified Bookkeepers (ICB) provides professional qualifications for anyone looking to enter the profession of bookkeeping & accounting. The organisation reflects the needs of businesses and represents bookkeepers at all levels

The institute of Certified Bookkeepers is the largest bookkeeping institute in the world. It promotes and maintains the standards of bookkeeping as a profession, through the establishment of a series of relevant qualifications and the award of grades of membership that recognise academic attainment, working experience and competence.

As an ICB Accredited training provider we are proud to offer their full qualification range (check out our ICB Platinum package), allowing you to tailor your commitment to fit in with your goals. ICB have three levels of membership, with additional Diploma qualifications.

The Institutes objectives are:

to promote bookkeeping as a profession;  
to enable bookkeeping to gain recognition as an integral part of the financial profession;  
to promote training in the principles of bookkeeping; 
develop personal study skills and improve confidence of those persons who undertake a course in bookkeeping;  
to enable the achievements of qualifications, which may be used to enhance prospects for progression into higher levels study;  
to improve the career prospects of its members