ICB Exam Results

Ideal Schools’ method of teaching includes the submission of a series of assignments, where personalised feedback is provided by your tutor. Our tuition provision also includes unlimited support via telephone, email, live chat and private social media groups and is the most effective way of learning via home study; our statistics prove that this greatly increases your chances of passing your examinations. This meticulous preparation regularly leads to pass rates that are a far higher level than the national average.

From 2009 through to 2018 (inclusive), our exam pass rates are 95%, covering all subjects. Within this statistic are students who passed exams at a higher level, in some of the more complicated subjects, subjects that other colleges do not offer, making this success rate even more impressive.

We are proud of the above statistics and of the achievements of our students and this is the product of good teamwork and a lot of hard work. Our promise to you is that if you do not pass your exam first time, we’ll pay for your first re-sit. This is a cost we do not want to incur and should give you full confidence that we’ll give you all the support you need to ensure readiness for each exam.

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