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ICB Level 3 Diploma in Costing and Budgeting

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This a valuable addition to the ICB Level 3 Diploma range and we are delighted to offer this with our fully tutor supported platform, ensuring comprehensive exam preparation and swift completion. 

The ICB do not offer this as a standalone qualification and students must have, or plan to have their Level 3 qualifications (or have been provided with exemption) before attempting this course and examination. Upon completion you will possess an understanding of a business' planning, budgeting and control processes and helping with the decision making within a business, including within a manufacturing environment. Covering the basics of Management Accounting, this course is a prerequisite for the ICB Level 4 Diploma in Management Accounting.

Entry Requirements: ICB Level 3 bookkeeping & accounting Qualifications or exemptions with prior qualifications or experience.

Ideal Schools will provide::

  • Interest free payment option - NO credit checks or 3rd party finance
  • All Study Materials provided in a presentation folder
  • Online access to ALL training materials - study on the go!
  • 1 year tutorial support via phone, email & 24/7 support via private Facebook groups
  • Continuous Self Progress tests & Answers
  • 5 x tutor marked assignments
  • 2 x  official ICB Online Practice Papers (value = £30)
  • Exam Pass Guarantee
  • Continued Career support
  • Additional CPD Service Certification

Associated Exams: 
Exam Structure:  1 x home based examination with 24hr completion period
Study Time:  Approx 40-50 hours

CPD Status (for those holding Level 3 ICB qualifications or higher): 30 hours structured & unstructured, meeting ICB annual suggested target

Exam fees: Total exam fees for this course option are £75.00When it comes to paying for your exams you have two options:

  1. Save 10% - During online registration, select to switch to the option that incorporates the exam fees and you will save an extra 10% on ALL feesWith this option, your exam fees are either added to your full payment or spread evenly throughout your interest free payment term.
  2. Pay as you go: As you complete each section of study you'll be instructed to book your exams. If you have not pre-paid these you'd simply contact our admin team to pay and we'll then place your exam order. 

 The choice is yours!!

Course Contents:

Underpinning Knowledge:
Distinguish between Financial Accounting and Management Accounting as information systems;
Identify and classify cost by: element, function and nature (behaviour);
Understand the importance of identifying and reporting relevant information.

Accounting for Labour, materials and overheads:
Understand the importance of stock (inventory) control and its valuation;
Determine labour cost;
Determine material costs;
Understand the process of Allocation, Apportionment and Absorption (Recovery) of Overhead.

Costing systems:
Identify the characteristics of various costing systems;
Calculate the cost of a job, process or service.

Break even analysis:
Understand the principle of Marginal Costing as an aid to decision making.

Introduction to Budgets and budgetary control:
Prepare a budget for: Income, Labour, Material and Overhead;
Prepare a Cash Budget;
Compare budget to actual performance and analyse the variances for income and the elements of cost.

Course Fee Details

Course Code: CB100

Course Fee: £275.00

You can pay the full price or pay a deposit of £95.00 (0% APR), followed by 4 monthly payments of £45.00

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Course Fee Details
Course Code: CB100    
Course Fee: £275.00
You can pay the full price or pay a deposit of £95.00 (0% APR), followed by 4 monthly payments of £45.00