ICB Membership Packages



Course Package Discounts:
If your ambitions lean towards providing a full bookkeeping & accounting service to businesses in your area, we have the most comprehensive course packages available to help you achieve your goals. By committing to a course package that suits your needs, we can pass on savings of over £800 to make your long-term costs less than they would be if you were to enrol for each individual element separately.

Despite these savings, your level of support will not be diminished, where our full, personalised tutor services would be at your disposal. All courses are provided in hard copy, in presentation folders, and include extensive assignment corrections and mock exams, including every available, official ICB mock for every exam, saving you hundreds of pounds in exam preparation costs. During online registration, you can also select to include exam costs to ensure you don’t have any additional expenses as you progress through your qualification.

Please have a browse and get in touch if you would like to discuss your options.