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For many who embark on the journey of bookkeeping, the dream is to work for yourself, and to run your own practice around your own life. However, working from home can lack the support network that standard office work provides.

or past and present students of Ideal Schools help and support are never more than a click away. New students are encouraged to sign up to our private Facebook Groups and membership continues long after studies end.

As Charlotte Gaskell, a former Ideal Schools student said: “There is a wealth of expertise and most importantly, for those moments when I feel in a quagmire, some emotional support. I doubt whether I would have taken the plunge to have my own practice without this group.”

For Lisa MacLeod, another alumna of Ideal School and current owner of Abacus Comprehensive Bookkeeping, the group provides “a wealth of information and you’re never made to feel daft!” For Julia Donaldson of JMD Bookkeeping in Shropshire, “There’s always someone who can provide an answer to a query.”

The sense of community engendered by the group transcends geography, and allows students and practicing bookkeepers from around the country to stay in touch. As Tracey Nicholls puts it “It reminds you you’re not doing this on your own … Team Ideal!

The emotional support is tempered with more practical support as well. Anne Hall said: “Whatever question you have, there is always someone out there with an answer. This group is amazing.”

Brian McVean, Director at Ideal Schools, said: “It has been brilliant to see so many students, past and present, get involved where support is provided 24/7. It is also really pleasing to see the number of students that are making a successful transition from student to practising bookkeeper, and the professional mentoring is  amazing where no question is too small….I’ve never seen anything go unanswered.

The Facebook group is private for Ideal School students only, any one of whom can request to join by clicking the images belowWe’ll then confirm your student status and welcome you to the ‘Facebook Family’.

If you are considering enrolling with IDEAL and want to get a flavour of the community, temporary access can be requested by emailing

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