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I love the work, and Ideal Schools gave me the confidence and...

Julia Donaldson

The picturesque town of Market Drayton might not strike most as a hotbed of bookkeeping potential. But for Julia Donaldson of Pipegate, it turned out to be the perfect place for her business, JMD Bookkeeping.

Having a background in business accountancy, membership of the Association of Accounting Technicians, (AAT) and several years working for others, she decided to go into business for herself, and turned to Ideal Schools to study for membership of the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers (ICB).

She started the process in the new year of 2016, and obtained level 2 & 3, becoming a member of the ICB in less than a year. By the beginning of the financial year 2017, Julia had her practice licence, and was ready to start trading for herself. One month later, and she already has six clients from the local area, and is going from strength to strength.

With clients as disparate as solicitors and hairdressers; electricians and musicians; Julia has found untapped markets for her bookkeeping services, and doesn’t plan to stand still.

Julia said: “I am still studying with Idea Schools, and wouldn’t change them for the world. I’m in the middle of my self assessment, with Eszter (Petrinovics) tutoring me, and I’m going to move on to the new FRS105 after that.

I’m only early in the process, but I love the work, and Ideal Schools gave me the confidence and the skills to go out on my own and get what I wanted for my business. The tutors have been a tower of strength, and the Facebook group is amazing. When I’m working until ten or ten thirty at night, I can always know there’s someone on there to help me.”

At the moment, Julia is supplementing the new business with part time work as a bursar for Newcastle-under-Lyme School, but she’s looking forward to making the transition to full time bookkeeping, and will be relying on Ideal Schools for her study.

Julia said: “I would tell anyone who wanted to get into bookkeeping not to hesitate. Get straight onto Ideal Schools, and have a chat with them. Nothing’s too much trouble for them, and the level of knowledge is immense.

“In between the marvelous tutors and the online community; it’s not so much an Ideal School as Ideal Family. I’ve never felt so looked after.”

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