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Expert Tutors

IdealSchools offers you access to highly experienced professionals that offer in-depth knowledge, provide practical insights and help you through each step of your AAT journey.

40 Years In Business

Ideal Schools has been a trusted name in bookkeeping and accounting training for over 40 years, consistently delivering quality education and evolving with industry trends.

Association of Accounting Technicians

The Association of Accounting Technicians (AAT) is a renowned professional body, offering practical, internationally recognised qualifications in accounting and finance for over 35 years.

    Global Recognition

    An AAT qualification is internationally acknowledged, opening doors to global career opportunities in finance and accounting.

    Practical Skills

    AAT focuses on real-world accounting skills, ensuring graduates are job-ready and capable from day one.

    Career Progression

    Holding an AAT qualification can lead to faster career advancement and increased earning potential in the accounting field.

    Flexible Paths

    AAT offers various entry points, accommodating both beginners and those with some accounting experience.