AAT Qualified Bookkeeper (AATQB)

NEW – AQ2022 Syllabus

Make IDEAL Schools your #1 Training Partner Who is it for?…This is for people who may:

Like an introduction to bookkeeping; Like a refresher course in skills they already have knowledge of; Work in finance and want official – industry recognised – qualifications; Be interested in running bookkeeping services for local businesses; Want to run their own bookkeeping service; Want to do the books for their own business. The skills you will learn Level 2 Certificate in Bookkeeping – AQ2022 How to execute the principles of double entry bookkeeping and understand journals, control accounts and a Trial Balance. Your exam required that you learn the theoretical advantages/disadvantages of a digital bookkeeping system. We will provide you with our Xero Software CPD Certification course FREE as part of this study program. Level 3 Certificate in Bookkeeping – AQ2022 Understand the adjustments required in the preparation of financial statements for sole traders and partnerships. You’ll also learn to understand the VAT system, including the completing of the VAT Return. Combined Course option If you commit to both Levels of the bookkeeping study program, there are significant savings to be made. Level 2 & 3 Bookkeeping combined – AQ2022 Although there are savings to be made by enrolling on this option, we take nothing away from your qualifications preparations and you still receive the FREE Xero CPD certification course as part of your Level 2 exam preparations.

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