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ICB Level 3 Certificate In Bookkeeping & Accounts (Full – MICB)

Entry Requirements

Level 2&3 Combined package: no entry requirement
Level 3 only: ICB Level 2 or appropriate exemption

ICB Exams: M4, M5, M6, M7 & M8

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Employment: This is the minimum requirement for you to become self-employed as a bookkeeper under the umbrella of ICB. Your ‘skill-set’ will also enable to you apply for employed bookkeeping positions.

The natural follow-on from ICB Level 2 where you will learn to complete bank reconciliations, VAT returns and accounting adjustments, leading to the completion of Final Accounts for non-incorporated businesses (sole traders, partnerships & not for profit organisations) and have the ability to produce management reports for limited companies.

The practical aspect of the ICB qualification is such that you’ll have the underpinning knowledge of the above areas as well as a full understanding of using a computerised accounting, for the completion of accounts for these business types.

Within this level of study there are five examinations, all of which are completed from home. The first four have a pass requirement 85%, while the 5th exam has a 70% pass requirement due to the ‘closed book’ nature of the exam. Certification is awarded upon completion of all exams where your level of pass will be determined by the combined scores from each exam:
  • Distinction with Honours – 98% and above (distinction passes in all 5 exams)
  • Distinction – 95-97% overall (all exams graded at least as Merit or Distinction)
  • Merit – 90-94% (can be a mixture of individual grades)
  • Pass – 80-89% (can be a mixture of individual grades)
Our courses have been structured specifically to help you pass these exams. Level III is available as a single course covering preparation for all relevant exams. If you have no prior knowledge or experience of this subject, and have not previously completed ICB Level II, we have a Level II & III combined course package available, which, long-term, is your most cost effective route of study. Click the options at the bottom of this page for full course information but here is a sample of what we provide as standard:

  • Interest free course payment options
  • Extensive assignment completion
  • Direct telephone and/or email support
  • The choice of Sage or Xero software (only if starting from Level 2)
  • ICB standard online exam practice
  • The addition of your exam fees are optional during the course registration process and can protect you against possible future ICB exam fee increases.
  • And much more...

Computerised Accounting software:
If you are starting study from Level 2, we are delighted to be able to offer you two software options:
  • Sage 50 Accounts – Sage remains the most widely used accounting software within business and the skills gained within this course will be easily transferred throughout their entire software range. The software requires a windows platform for installation.
  • Xero – If you are a MAC user or have limited access to a PC or Laptop, this could be the option for you. it’s online platform enables you to access it on any Mac, tablet, Smartphone and, of course PC or Laptop. The growth in the use of this software has been incredible and you’ll be training on one of the most innovative software packages around.

Important: If you are looking to study Level 3 only, there is no software involvement for this qualification and software is not provided.

Would you like to study using both software options?
For an additional payment of £85.00 we can provide you with both software options and courses, allowing you to have a wider skill-set when you make the transition from student to bookkeeper.
Our exam pass guarantee should give you all the assurance you need that we’ll do all we can to ensure you are preparing fully for ALL exams.

ICB0319 ICB Level 3 Certificate in Bookkeeping & Accounting (M4-M8)


A single course option covering the preparation of ALL aspects of the ICB Level 3 qualification, 5 examinations, which will lead to Full Membership of ICB and the ability to practice as a bookkeeper on a self-employed basis.
Hard copy materials provided with online access 
Official ICB Mocks provided for ALL exams (value £180)
* Supplementary video tutorials
* and much, much more....
Enrol today with a £115 deposit

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ICB0319EP ICB Fast-track Exemption


This course is specifically aimed at those who are AAT Level 3 qualified and who are seeking Membership of ICB. The fee covers the required exemption change and training toward the MICB Entrance Paper.
Enrol today with a £235 deposit

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ICB0319EPX ICB Fast-track Exemption with Xero (A3)


This course is specifically aimed at those who are AAT Level 3 qualified and who are seeking Membership of ICB. The fee covers the required exemption change and training toward the MICB Entrance Paper.
Enrol today with a £237 deposit

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