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Why Ideal?

There are many reasons to choose us but the most important one is that, for over 40 years, we have been 100% dedicated to bookkeeping training.

At IDEAL our aim is to provide you with the highest quality of tuition: We know we can achieve this with our vastly experienced tutorial team, four of whom have been awarded the prestigious ICB Tutor of the Year accolade.

Large trading provider of the year 2022
Friendliest training provider of the year
We are very proud that the college and our students are regularly recognised for their hard work. Having received over twenty industry awards over a prlonged period, this is our stamp of quality. This is one of many reasons why you should seriously consider Ideal Schools as your preferred training provider.
Our exam pass guarantee should give you all the assurance you need that we’ll do all we can to ensure you are preparing fully for ALL exams.
Exam pass guarantee
We are so confident in our courses and services we will cover 50% of one re-sit cost per exam (T’s & C’s apply). Our historic exam results indicate that this will largely be unnecessary, but should give you peace of mind that we will do our best to help you pass first time. Any conditions? Yes, we ask that you complete all aspects of study per exam…not an unreasonable request!!
Telephone Support
A necessary service in home study.

Ask yourself a question; when you have a query when studying, would you...
  • Prefer to email and maybe receive a reply within 24 hours? And if the reply is not 100% helpful, do you start the process again?
  • Telephone one of a team of tutors who will be able to explain and take you through your query in person, ensuring you are ready to continue immediately?.

Of course, we have email support also and tutors will endeavour to answer emails as quickly as possible to ensure a smooth progression through your studies. However, based on our 40+ years of experience,  it’s always easier to get a point across when talking one-to-one.
Flexible Learning
You, the student, are in complete control of your rate of study and we’ll work with you to help you achieve your goals. You can fit your study around work and/or family commitments and our experience tells us that breaks in study can occur. To counter this we will provide you a minimum course registration period of one year, rising to four years depending on your course choice. Although this time may not be needed, this is double of that allowed by some providers and ensures maximum flexibility in your study.
Put your training in the hands of a provider you can TRUST.

We are immensely proud of our 5 star rating), where 96% of reviewers consider our courses and services to be worthy of a 5 Star review. Of these, 100% were from students who had completed an entire course of study, having used our services extensively to gain their qualifications.

We do not seek reviews based on, for example, enrolment process, or speed of delivery of materials, in an attempt to raise our trust score. In the spirit of Trustpilot, we do not consider these elements worthy of review as they are the very basics that any student should expect to receive from any college.

Our own reviews are indicative of an entire study experience. Click here to see why students continually rate us as the top provider of bookkeeping & accounting training via home study.
Facebook - Award Winning Student Resource
We have a very strong Facebook community where we can share information quickly, have some fun and, more importantly, provide you with a private platform where you can interact with current and past students, many of whom are working in the industry or have successfully set up their own bookkeeping & accounting practice. An out of hours support service is also available where questions can be answered well into the night and at weekends:

Support: Befriend an experienced tutor for flexible tutorial support.

News: Share exam successes and college news via our page – IdealSchoolsGlasgow

Closed Student Groups: This service has been so successful that we have split this into two groups; one for Student Support and another for Students in Practice. These groups are for past and present students only where study, career information and guidance is shared and opens our support services up to be effectively 24/7. If you’d like a temporary pass to see how you would benefit from this group, please email the group administrator: and he will be happy to arrange this for you.
Contact Us
If you have any questions feel free to ask...