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We are a family-run home study college who provide a complete range of bookkeeping, payroll and taxation courses to help you become a self-employed bookkeeper or work within a financial environment. We personalise our support to each individual student to ensure success.
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Change Your Life by becoming a Bookkeeper or an Accountant
Every Business, large or small, is required by law to keep its financial records in good order. This involves recording all business transactions into manual records (ledgers) or, more commonly now, into a computerised accounting package, e.g. Sage.

From these records a qualified bookkeeper is then able to produce the Final Accounts, comprising the Profit & Loss Account and Balance Sheet. Qualified Bookkeepers are in great demand and a career as a part-time or full-time bookkeeper can be financially rewarding.

The UK has over 5 million private sector businesses, a number which is growing by around 250,000 per year.
An even more impressive figure – and one especially relevant for you – is that 99% are micro, small and medium sized enterprises (MSMEs).
With our fully accredited ICB and AAT home study courses, Ideal Schools provides a complete range of bookkeeping, payroll and taxation courses to help you become a self-employed bookkeeper or work within a financial environment.

Student Spotlight

Annemarie Vernege
Annemarie Vernege shares her journey back to her passion for accounting and her acquisition of a bookkeeping practice licence through her study with Ideal Schools. She discusses her strategies for setting up her practice. This post also covers the benefits and challenges of home study and self-employment.
Jayne Clifford-Greening
Jayne Clifford-Greening discusses her career goals, the obstacles she faces and why giving up is not the answer when life gets challenging
Practice Spotlight: Celtic Bookkeeping and Accountancy Services
Leanda Daddow and the team from Celtic Bookkeeping And Accountancy Services discuss their business journey and Ideal Schools’ on-going role in their success
Sharon Morris
My work-life balance is exactly where I wanted it to be when I set out, and I probably work part-time hours for a full-time wage now. We recently spoke to...
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