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Student Charter

Our Mission (should you choose to accept...)

To achieve success for you. This will require a level of commitment from you toward your studies, but will result in a range of career options opening up for you. Our means, methods and materials have resulted in a student average pass rate of over 95%, covering the period of 2009-2018. It is our minimum objective to maintain that as we look to improve it. We say that in order to reassure you of our commitment.

Our Philosophy
We will treat you fairly and with respect at all times. We will offer as much help and support as your studies demand.

Our Methods...are proven
The way you will learn best is the way you will learn quickest. We endeavor to structure our support to suit each individual student. All our experience is available for your benefit. We will provide all our course manuals and materials (inc. fully licensed software) for the duration of your studies.

Our Service
We offer unlimited access via telephone or email to your tutor. Your tutor will mark and return all assignments as well as providing expert advice and guidance throughout. Completed assignments are emailed to us (email – tutor@idealschools.co.uk) and tutors can be accessed via our Facebook groups and pages.

IDEAL Schools have over thirty five years experience in delivering excellence to people like you, seeking to broaden their skill set and increase their earning potential. In recent years, our industry peers have awarded us recognition for the quality of our study materials and tuition services. This gives us full confidence that we can help you achieve your goals. Click here for full details.

Your Commitment

We expect to be treated fairly and respectfully throughout your dealings with us. Completed assignments allow progress. Progress means a step closer to success. Your success is our success.

If the long-term aim is to increase life choices and earning potential, the short-term has to include time dedicated to your studies. We can provide study/organisational help, we can help with a study plan that will work for you – but you will need to put the ‘solo hours’ in to succeed.

All we ask is for you to maintain a balanced sheet! If we can help, we will.
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