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Association of British Correspondence Colleges

The fundamental purpose of the Association is to safeguard the best interests of distance learning students by promoting sound educational standards and ethical business practices.
Ideal Schools is a member of the ABBC.

Membership is only open to distance learning colleges who have provided a consistently reliable and efficient tutorial service for not less than five years, and who comply with the criteria for membership approved by the council of the Association.

Your Guarantee

Ideal Schools promise to:

  • Provide all study manuals, and software where relevant, covering the full contents of your course, in stages as studying progresses, as outlined in the course brochure / web site.
  • Provide all tuition services, assignment marking and information services as outlined in the course brochure / web site.
  • The course registration period is valid for one, two or three years or until you complete the course, whichever is shorter. Course registrations including a single module will be given 1 year, two modules will be given 2 years, and three or more modules will given 3 years to complete the study.
  • Provide, where relevant, on successful completion of the course, the School's Diploma.

All The above services are guaranteed, provided you :

  • Pay the full fee in advance, or maintain regular monthly payments if paying by installments.
  • Have attained satisfactory assignment grades throughout your full course prior to being awarded the School's Diploma, or
  • Follow the plan of study for the examination course and adhere to the advice of the school and its tutors and,
  • Accept responsibility for making the arrangements to sit external examinations.
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