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The Institute of Certified Bookkeepers (ICB)

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The Institute of Certified Bookkeepers (ICB) provides professional qualifications for anyone looking to enter the profession of bookkeeping & accounting. The organisation reflects the needs of businesses and represents bookkeepers at all levels

The institute of Certified Bookkeepers is the largest bookkeeping institute in the world. It promotes and maintains the standards of bookkeeping as a profession, through the establishment of a series of relevant qualifications and the award of grades of membership that recognise academic attainment, working experience and competence.

As an ICB Accredited training provider we are proud to be the ONLY college to offer their full qualification range, allowing you to tailor your commitment to fit in with your goals. ICB have three levels of membership, with additional Diploma qualifications.

The Institutes objectives are:

  1. to promote bookkeeping as a profession
  2. to enable bookkeeping to gain recognition as an integral part of the financial profession
  3. to promote training in the principles of bookkeeping
  4. to develop personal study skills and improve confidence of those persons who undertake a course in bookkeeping
  5. to enable the achievements of qualifications, which may be used to enhance prospects for progression into higher levels study
  6. to improve the career prospects of its members

Click on each heading for full course details. We've also provided a brief level by level description below:

ICB Self Employment Course Packages

To practise as a self-employed bookkeeper under the ICB banner, your minimum requirement is Full Membership. We've grouped together various levels of study to offer training for qualifications that will set you apart from the rest, including the original ICB Career Path package and our FULLY comprehensive Platinum package, providing qualifications required for Fellow Membership. These packages are heavily discounted

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ICB Level 2 Certificate - Associate Membership (AICB)

Covering basic elements to trial balance in manual & computerised bookkeeping. Completion should open doors for work as a bookkeeper's assistant.

Learn more about our Associate Member (AICB) opitons
ICB Level 3 Certificate - Full Membership (MICB)

Includes Level 2 & 3 course packages and our popular ICB Career Path Package. Dealing with postings and adjustments required with the completion of year-end accounts for Sole Traders, Partnerships and Non Profit Organisations, and management reporting for limited companies. If your ambition is self-employment as a bookkeeper, this is your minimum requirement to enable you to practise under the umbrella of ICB, allowing you can make use their valuable support services.

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ICB Level 3 Diploma Options
The ICB provide this practical Diploma range allowing their members to offer valuable additional services to their prospective clients or employers. The three diploma options include Payroll Management, Self-Assessment Taxation and Costing & Budgeting and we offer individual or group enrolment options.
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ICB Level 4 Certificate - Fellow Membership & CPD Options
Ideal Schools are the only college to offer structured training in the qualifications needed to attain Fellow Membership of ICB. Also, as a member of ICB you are encouraged to complete continued Professional Development (CPD) to ensure your knowledge is kept relevant and up to date so you can offer your clients and/or employer a reliable service. In particular, the FRS105 qualification allows you to expand your client base to include Micro Entities, enabling you to complete and submit their accounts under this financial standard. We offer individual and combined enrolment options within this course range.
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Institute of Certified Bookkeepers (ICB) - The Benefits

Consultation with commerce and industry has confirmed and amplified the Institute's assessment of the need for qualified bookkeepers. Employers both large and small are fully supportive of the objectives of the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers.

Gaining membership of the ICB has many benefits and is the perfect way for you to start your bookkeeping career. Through your membership you will receive advice and guidance on how to start your own business, and receive continued support when your business is up and running. These include:

Networking Opportunities

ICB have an extensive network of branch meetings, each one is run by an ICB member and open to all students and members. Attendance of these allows you to share experiences with your peers. Ideal Schools are proud to sponsor a number of these and attend those local to us on a regular basis.

ICB also hold an annual 'Bookkeepers Summit', the largest of its kind, where they bring together leaders within this industry to keep you informed of legislation and developments. There are many speakers, but areas covered include: software companies, pension regulators, HMRC, and many, many more.

Continued Professional Development (CPD)

ICB have done more than any other organisation to raise the profile of the 'the bookkeeper', to such an extent that this is now regarded as a recognised profession. Part of their commitment is to ensure their membership practises to the highest standard, they encourage continued CPD with a guidance of 30 hrs per year (structured & unstructured). Our extensive course range, allied with annual payroll & tax updates, ensures we are well placed to keep your skills relevant.

why select ideal schools why select ideal schools

We are a successful, family run college with over 30 years of experience in teaching bookkeeping & accounting, and related subjects via home study. ALL our services are set up to ensure you are guided and supported throughout your ICB journey. Within our course pages you'll get a full breakdown of what we will provide, but here is a brief breakdown:

During your study you will be:

  • Treated with fairness and respect
  • Provided with direct telephone support from ICB award winning tutors on award winning ICB courses
  • Tested comprehensively to ensure exam preparation, including the use of ICB standard online mock exams
  • Provided with Industry standard Sage software to use throughout the term of your study and beyond, even for professional purposes
  • And, much, much more