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Clare’s fight-back from ill-health led her to a new career in bookkeeping with assistance from Ideal Schools

“I looked at various training organisations and liked the look of Ideal Schools when I spoke to them – they were very good on providing me with guidance and direction when I didn’t l know quite where to turn. "

Clare Lee

A former shop worker in South Wales has seen her business take off after retraining as a bookkeeper.

A former shop worker in South Wales has seen her business take off after retraining as a bookkeeper.

Tracy Irvine

Pandemic has been life-changing chance to learn for Salford mum

A MANCHESTER mum of two has launched a new bookkeeping business in the city after gaining 12 qualifications in the last year through home study specialist Ideal Schools.

NIcola Fallon

A year to remember for Lincolnshire bookkeeping business

In less than a year, the businesswoman has not only launched her own firm and grown it to over a dozen customers but has also won the highly coveted New Practice of the Year at the annual ‘Oscars’ of bookkeeping’, the LUCA Awards.

Clare Kendall

Tyneside bookkeeping business is on a growth curve

The business has gone from strength to strength,” says Susan, who is Managing Director. “We got up to between 80 and 90 clients and then last September merged with Juliet and her business. We’ve now got around 150 clients between the two of us and have moved into bigger office premises.

Susan Lang & Juliet McKenna

Wiltshire farm bookkeeper plants seeds of new enterprise with Ideal Schools

Kate wanted to become a self-employed bookkeeper and could see that online home study specialist Ideal Schools could route her directly into the profession through the courses it offered with the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers (ICB), which promotes professionalism in the sector.

Kate Dell

Manchester Mum finds mojo to go it alone after home study course with Ideal Schools......

Naomi Harris says she was born with a love of numbers and decided to switch full-time into bookkeeping after a serious brain injury changed her outlook on life.

Naomi Harris

GB Athlete Partners with Ideal Schools in Training for Life after Sporting Career.....

As a professional athlete competing at international level in the steeplechase, Rosie Clarke is an expert in overcoming obstacles. So when faced with the task of fitting financial studies around her demanding training schedule, she found Ideal Schools a perfect partner for taking on the challenge.......

Rosie Clarke

Major Career Switch has Ideal Schools Student on Path to Grow Her Own Business

Following eight months of intensive full-time study with Ideal Schools, Jane Gray has set up Charlton Gray to provide turnkey bookkeeping and business services to the area’s business community. And although her firm is only in its infancy, Jane’s aspirations go beyond that of creating an optimal work-life balance for herself.

Jane Gray

Bookkeeper Looks to Pay It Forward After Studying with Ideal Schools

“I really want to help those who make a positive difference in this world,” Ann said. “I feel like I am here for a purpose, and I also feel very strongly that this is the right thing to do. I have been blessed, and I want to share those blessings with others in a practical way.”

Ann Edwards

Businesswoman Chooses Ideal Schools to Formalise her Bookkeeping Credentials and Launch Her New Business Faster

Helen began studying with Ideal Schools in October 2018, opting for the ICB Career Path. The career path bundle was good value, she said, but also came with the flexibility to earn her payroll diploma before starting the bookkeeping courses, which allowed Helen to get her new business off the ground faster than would have otherwise been the case.

Helen Armstrong

It is never too late to start rebuilding your career......

Mike originally heard of Ideal Schools through favourable word-of-mouth at a local ICB branch meeting and was impressed by the Glasgow-based provider’s ability to offer a “complete package” that has given him the basics to get started and the ability to grow further by moving into payroll and accounting.

"Ideal Schools had the best reviews and some very attractive portfolios of courses."

Tatsiana had had an unpleasant experience with some local accountants who didn’t provide the sort of service she was expecting, and it kindled in her a determination to provide a cost-effective, SME-tailored service to local businesses.

Tatsiana Sviatsets

"I would recommend Ideal Schools to anyone wishing to qualify as a well-trained bookkeeper.”

“I found Ideal Schools on the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers website and contacted them. Eszter, my tutor, was great and Brian McVean, another Ideal Schools tutor, was responsive to my needs right from the start"

Rasa D'alton

"I decided that the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers’ (ICB) qualification was best for me...."

Emily (Emi) Darnton made great use of her first maternity leave: “I decided to re-train and get qualified in skills that would enable me to set-up in business for myself”, she said.

Emily Darnton

Jason so valued his Ideal Schools’ experience he’s putting two of his qualified employees through its payroll course.

After 21 years in the banking industry Jason Dalton, 47, decided it was time to get qualified and set up business on his own account. That was ten years ago, and now his bookkeeping and payroll business, Safe Hands, has four employees and a wide range of customers throughout Hampshire, Surrey and Berkshire.

Jason Dalton

ICB definitely had the best way to go into business for myself....

To anyone thinking of taking the plunge into bookkeeping, I’d say it is hard work, but absolutely worth it. I thought I had a good idea of what I was doing, but I learnt so much from Ideal Schools...

Samantha Shipley

Continuing to learn is important to me, and I think it is great that Ideal Schools....

I found Ideal Schools online, and its approach suited me perfectly. It was not just the support both when I was studying and when I was sitting the exams, I was very impressed with the aftercare and support for alumna....

Christine Aplin

within 14 months, I had fully qualified with my practice licence....

I’ve got clients all over the country, including a few London who are very pleased with my prices. I want to provide a one-stop shop for clients. I can handle micro entity limited companies............

Louise Woodhouse

I’d recommend Ideal Schools to anyone looking to take the plunge into bookkeeping

I studied up to Institute of Charted Bookkeeper (ICB) Level 3, got my practice licence and started up Ripon Bookkeeping in March. I’ve just passed the Self Assessment module and am looking forward to starting the Payroll module in order to give my clients a complete service.”

Jan Moss

Ideal Schools’ online learning support helps London woman secure her dream job in the world of finance....

My employers recommended Ideal Schools as the modules were the most relevant, and I’m glad I studied with them. The study materials are very clear and informative, without overloading learners with extraneous information

Alessandra Lanzalaco

I want my business to have the same sort of approachability, and the same friendliness....

Nicola took the plunge, and studied to achieve her Membership of the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers (MICB). She has now obtained her practice licence, and is opening her business......

Nicola Hutchings

I am a big believer in small businesses, and helping their owners to see the bigger picture, and what can be done to help them grow....

I really liked the Ideal Schools Facebook page. At first I was unsure about it but I then realised that it helped the more experienced students and bookkeepers as much as the less experienced ones. We all end up sharpening our skills and techniques as we helped each other, and now I can’t recommend it highly enough......

David Cavanagh

I’ve done almost every course offered by Ideal Schools, and each one brought me more skills....

You feel like more than just a number with Ideal Schools, and that hasn’t been the case with a few of the other online offerings I found. Its Facebook group is a really great idea, and you feel part of a group, even though you’re studying alone....

Joanne Turner

I want to provide more than just accounting, and to do it with style, with passion and with optimism.....

I’ve stayed with Ideal Schools all the way to ICB level 4, because they were simply fantastic. The college is incredibly supportive, and there’s always a friendly voice to answer questions.......

Joanne Osborne

I thought, ‘well, I can add up!’ So I looked into bookkeeping.....

Looking at residential colleges, she decided the process would be too slow, and online study would allow her to work at her own pace.

Tracey Crewdson

Motherhood starts some women down the path to training as bookkeepers......

Motherhood starts some women down the path to training as bookkeepers since the desire of new parents to be able to work from home, or to work at their own pace, is highly appealing. Most, however, don’t try to train as a bookkeeper while pregnant and in the middle of multiple house moves.

Lisa MacLeod

Her life-long gift for numbers stood her in good stead....

A lot of people starting in the world of bookkeeping have a background in finance to set them on the path. But few can boast, as Terry Peers can, that they learnt double entry bookkeeping before leaving primary school...........

Theresa (Terry) Peers

There are few stories, even in the multi-faceted world of bookkeeping.......

There are few stories, even in the multi-faceted world of bookkeeping, as interesting as that of Kathryn Cowin from Hexham, owner of Black Blaze Bookkeeping in South Lanarkshire.

Kathryn Cowin

Everyone who comes to bookkeeping later in life brings the expertise of their former profession.....

Paul left the world of banking to forge a path for himself in early 2016, and turned to Ideal Schools to obtain the qualifications he needed to set up his practice as a member of the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers (ICB).

Paul Maddison

I wanted to be able to run my own business around the kids....

Every start up business wants to capture that elusive ‘word of mouth’ recommendation, so vital in an owner’s quest to build something great; and in the case of Jessica Harrison, a Stokesley-based mother of two, that’s exactly the vibe she picked up, thanks to a strong local business community, and the online support of Ideal Schools.......

Jessica Harrison

Everyone I spoke to had the knowledge at their fingertips

Having scored Distinctions on all the levels of the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers exams he sat, Jonathan dived straight into the world of bookkeeping at the deep end, setting up his limited company, Balancing the Books Ltd, and working from home.

Jonathan Kemp

I knew that Institute of Certified Bookkeepers (ICB) certification was what I wanted!

“The ICB Self-Assessment exam was a great boon to the business, and I spend a lot of my time helping out individuals and sole traders. I’m looking forward to growing the business, and seeing where this path can take me.”

Ricardo Pereira

Mark wanted more control over his own career!

Mark’s business, Choice Bookkeeping, has gone from strength to strength, and is one of the fastest growing bookkeeping businesses in the Monmouthshire area. He credits Ideal Schools with making the material digestible and easy to understand, and his own dedication and hard work in turning academic learning into a going concern.

Mark Williams

Marie Launches new Antrim bookkeeping business

An Antrim woman has set up her own successful business in Market Square after courses at a specialist UK-wide e-learning college focusing exclusively on bookkeeping and accounting. After only three months in practice, the business, New Balance Bookkeeping, is already attracting local firms.

Marie Wells

Restlessness, and a desire to give back

“Because I wasn’t working, I was able to go through all the exams to become a full Member of the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers (MICB) in less than seven months. The tutors at Ideal Schools were always available, and the course materials worked perfectly for me."

Vip Patel

Back to work on her own terms

Having come from a financial background, and with a brief period reading accountancy at university, bookkeeping was the logical choice. After looking into the options of starting her own business, and talking to some friends who were accountants, Mrs Hagenbeek settled on distance learning for the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers (ICB).

Nicky Hagenbeek

AAT Member & Student

Now a member of the Association of Accounting Technicians (AAT). She describes Ideal Schools as “Like having 24/7 tutor support to help me understand. They were so helpful when my grasp of the language failed me.”

Veronica Vladiuc

My practice is increasingly successful!

After taking time out to raise her two children, Mrs Douglas wanted to rejoin the world of bookkeeping, on her own terms. She found Ideal Schools, and qualified to Member level of the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers with the program, going into business for herself. Her practice, SKD Bookeeping, has gone from strength to strength, and has recently become a limited company.

Sandra Douglas


A successful management accountant from Bromley in South-East London is carving out a new career which will fit round the needs of her young family, thanks to specialist UK-wide e-learning college Ideal Schools.

Lynda Smith

"Bookkeeping has become my life!"

The story of IDEAL Schools is one offering world-class tuition to students from all walks of life for more than 30 years. Through various flexible study programs just like the ICB Career Path IDEAL Schools provide an opportunity for professional excellence.

Eszter Petrinovics

Age is no Barrier!

Ideal Schools has a long-standing ethos of providing the highest quality education for students of all stripes, at all stages of their careers and lives. Terry Ramm is a great example of what can be achieved with determination, and the right school.

Terry Ramm

Karen's story

It’s not just those entering the world of bookkeeping that can learn from Ideal Schools. Karen Cain did the accounts for a small business for twenty years without any formal qualifications when, in 2010, she secured an opportunity to study for Institute of Chartered Bookkeepers (ICB) status with Ideal Schools

Karen Cain