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Q1) How long do your Bookkeeping and Accounting courses take?
Not to answer a question with a question but – how long do you want it to take? We have students who have completed a course with 40 hours study time and others who have taken 2 or 3 times that. It really depends on your personal combination of circumstance and commitment.

Q2) Can I trust you to deliver?
Yes! But don’t just take our word for it, speak to the ICB, hear from our recent winners & nominees in the ICB Student of the Year Category, or browse our student review pages – our 35+ years experience of tutoring successful Bookkeepers speaks well for us too!

Q3) Is it fun?
Probably not as much fun as having your favourite comedian round for dinner, but if your goal is more career (and consequent life) choices then reaching that goal will be great fun!

Q4) Are you expensive?
No! Ideal Schools is an award winning training provider, yet there are many who charge far more. Is not ‘value for money’ a more appropriate judgment to make? We have always been secure in the knowledge that we give every student everything they need to make them successful. If you are looking for a new career in Bookkeeping (or just want to develop your existing skills) then an investment of around £1000 is fantastic value!

Q5) Do you offer Fast-Track study options?
  Sorry to answer another question with another question, but what is fast-track? The pace of study within distance learning will always be dictated by the student.  Assignments are  submitted via email and students receive emailed feedback direct from their tutor, most of the time within 24hrs, excluding weekends. We aim for correction times of no more than 48hrs.

Pace of Study Examples:
2011 ICB Student of the Year, Mulchand Dubey, completed our ICB Career Path option within 6 months, covering 7 qualifications.
2012 ICB Student of the year, Edward Brenninkmeijer, completed our ICB Career Path, within 5 months, again covering 7 qualifications.
2013 ICB Student of the year nominee, Miranda Best, completed her ICB Career Path within 4 months, including Small Business Financial Control, totalling 8 qualifications. 
2016 ICB Student of the Year, 63 year old Terry Ramm, aimed to complete his ICB Level 2-3 training in 18 months. He did this within 3 months and soon soon after started his own bookkeeping & accounting business. Click here for Terry's story.

Q6) Why should I come to you versus your competitors?
  We listen before we speak – if you are ‘pushed’ into something you will not give of your best, and that means a lower success rate for us both. We make sure the course(s) are right for you. We will treat you with respect and expect the same in return. We offer unfettered access to our tutors. We have an exam pass rate averaging over 95%. We love numbers, we will never treat you like one.

Q7) I've never studied at home before; is it difficult?
Ideal Schools have been providing home study courses in bookkeeping for over 35 years and our student success rates are excellent. Why not download our free lesson or ask our admin team for a sample lesson to be sent to you (call free on 0800 028 1404).

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