In today’s constantly changing job market, it is vital to remain flexible and future-proof your career where possible. If you can ensure the qualifications you acquire are versatile, this will open doors in both freelance and employed positions. If you want to enter the world of finance and accounting, enrolling with Ideal Schools to complete ICB (Institute of Certified Bookkeepers) Level 2 and 3 via distance learning can help you develop the lucrative and flexible career of your dreams. Furthermore, for the month of September, you can save a massive £250 by receiving the L4 Self-Assessment Taxation course for free, as part of the training package. So what are the main advantages of this opportunity with Ideal Schools?

1. Qualify as a Full Member of the ICB (MICB)

Completing ICB Level 2 and 3 is a stepping stone towards becoming a Full Member of the ICB, known as MICB. This respected qualification is one which is widely acknowledged as opening doors in accounting and finance. Having this qualification shows your proficiency in bookkeeping, giving others confidence in the recognised standard you have attained.

2. Self-employment Opportunities

As an MICB, with the additional,  self-assessment taxation qualification, you’ll be qualified to work as a self-employed bookkeeper for sole traders, partnerships, and not-for-profit organisations.  This will allow you to start up your own bookkeeping practice, offering self-assessment services, at a time when there are new opportunities in this area. The government’s Making Tax Digital initiative to modernise and streamline the tax system can only increase the demand for bookkeepers who are well-versed in digital accounting, tax compliance and advisory services.

3. Fully Qualified for Employed Roles

While self-employment can have its advantages, you might prefer the security of an employed position. Once you have completed ICB Level 2 and 3, there is a wide variety of roles within accounting and finance which will become accessible to you. Many organisations value the ICB qualification, and your competence in bookkeeping will make you a more attractive prospect for jobs within these.

4. Flexibility in a Changing Job Market

As a member of ICB, you’ll have the professional support and flexibility to adapt to evolving market demands. Whether working in an employed role or in a self-employed one, the on-going support of this network, alongside your training, will help you remain responsive to new trends and requirements within this sector, ensuring your career can continue to flourish going forward.

5. Cost Savings in September

For those considering these courses, there’s no better time to start than September. The opportunity to get the L4 Self-Assessment Taxation course for free represents a significant cost saving of £250, demonstrating the commitment of Ideal Schools to support aspiring bookkeepers in their professional journey.

6. Convenience of Distance Learning

Distance learning allows you the chance to further your education while balancing other commitments. Whether you have a full-time job, caring responsibilities, or other obligations, you can pursue ICB Level 2 and 3 without hugely disrupting your life and you can learn at a pace that works for you and your current circumstances.

7. Industry-Recognised Accreditation

ICB is a globally-recognised examining body, and their qualifications are respected worldwide. Completing ICB Level 2 and 3 not only opens doors in the UK job market but also enhances your prospects internationally.

8. Why Ideal Schools?

There are many reasons to choose Ideal Schools for your ICB course but the most important one is that, for 40 years, we have been 100% dedicated to bookkeeping training. We believe the materials and range of support we offer is unique and ICB have given us their stamp of approval – in 2022, we won their LUCA Award for Large Training Provider of the Year. We also won the LUCA for Friendliest Training Provider of the Year in 2022. Ideal Schools tailors support to each individual student so that you can be confident you are receiving the best possible learning experience.

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Embarking on the journey to become an MICB through ICB Level 2 and 3 distance learning with Ideal Schools is a strategic move to future-proof your career. The combination of self-employment and employed job opportunities, cost savings in September, and the prestige of an ICB qualification make this opportunity with Ideal Schools a compelling choice. You will have the necessary expertise and support to build a career which can develop and respond when change inevitably comes. Don’t miss this chance to invest in your future today! Get in touch with our friendly advisors now to enroll or just to discuss your options.

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