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18th May 2020
Mental Health Week The third week of May each year means the start of Mental Health Awareness Week.....

The third week of May each year means the start of Mental Health Awareness Week which is organised by The Mental Health Foundation, https://www.mentalhealth.org.uk/campaigns/mental-health-awareness-week.   

It’s vital, more than ever, that you look after your mental health and with so many techniques out there we’ve asked our students and tutors for their best tips and advice to help them de-stress.

Many thanks to everyone who replied to our post in private and publicly on the Facebook page.

The main piece of advice revolved around ‘taking a break‘ and a change of scenery from whatever you are doing to keep your day varied and to relax your mind. For example:

Our current Payroll Management student Lynne Rennie: I go out on my bike. It really clears my head. 🚴

Charity Nott:Taking time out with my dog on a walk by the sea 😊  .....this seems like a good way to relax away from her ICB Bookkeeping study.

Wearable technology such as fitbits have features that can help too. For example, some come equipped with simple breathing exercises. They can also monitor how much or how little you have moved in the last hour. If you have remained in the same place for too long then it will simply give you a buzz to remind you to get up off your seat and get moving. It sounds simple but exercise is as important for your mental health as your physical health.

Another vital de-stresser is doing something which you enjoy. For some, like our very own award-winning tutor award, Scot, this might include:

Scot Van Den Akker:Music, cycling, gardening. And drinking socially with friends. That's what Tutor of the Year 2019 needs to stay cool.

For others, it can mean more number related activities, like a sudoku or algebra as Danielle suggest…Plus the chocolate, we cannot forget the chocolate.

Danielle Watts (who has nearly completed the entire ICB qualfication syllabus)A plentiful supply of chocolate is a must, I do enjoy doing algebra to destress - I know it would have the opposite effect with most people!

We have done a bit of research to find more sources of tips for you to consider should you want to read up a bit more on the subject. If any of them work for you then do let us know and we’ll give you a shout out on the blog and on social media.

Here are 5 tips to mental wellbeing from the NHS:


Looking for inspirational quotes:


Great summary of advice can be found here: