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10th January 2018
David Cavanagh I am a big believer in small businesses, and helping their owners to see the bigger picture, and what can be done to help them grow....

To set up his business, David studied the following course options:
ICB Level 2 & 3 Bookkeeping & Accounting
ICB Level 3 Diploma in Self-Assessment Taxation
ICB Level 3 Diploma in Payroll Management

Sometimes a career in bookkeeping can be more suited to our students than simply the desire to work for yourself. For David Cavanagh of Bedford, the idea of forming his own business came from a lifetime of working in the administration of small businesses, his church, and charity groups, all while caring for the two children with special needs whom he and his wife Joy adopted.

A family feeling runs through his business, even as far as its name, Joda Services, a combination of his and his wife’s name, with her name coming first, naturally. David spent over 16 years working as a transport manager until the adoption when he found he needed more flexibility.

He then drove buses for children with special needs, including to his son’s school, and carried out the admin for his church. A chance remark by a bookkeeper friend sent him down the path to Ideal Schools.

“I’ve never been one for big businesses. I am a big believer in small businesses, and helping their owners to see the bigger picture, and what can be done to help them grow. When I was doing accounting work for the church, I brought it to a friend who was a bookkeeper, and she said ‘You’ve done this all yourself.’

“That got me thinking, and a bit of research led me to Ideal Schools. It has been marvellous. I have always had the strong feeling that the people there didn’t just want to get my money, but to help me to achieve what I wanted. Its tutors, Brian McVean and Eszter Petrinovics were absolutely brilliant.”

David completed his training and qualified in November of this year and, less than a month later, has opened his doors, and taken on his first clients. He’s hoping to grow to the limit of what he can manage himself, but doesn’t plan to take on employees in order to keep the bespoke service he provides.

He said: “I really liked the Ideal Schools Facebook page. At first I was unsure about it but I then realised that it helped the more experienced students and bookkeepers as much as the less experienced ones. We all end up sharpening our skills and techniques as we helped each other, and now I can’t recommend it highly enough.”

 want to keep that vein of relationships and community through my business. I’m proud of the fact I can keep it local, and based on face-to-face, and trust, and forming of lifelong relationships. I’m happier with small businesses and my service reflects that.”