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8th March 2017
Ricardo Pereira I knew that Institute of Certified Bookkeepers (ICB) certification was what I wanted!

When your mother was a bookkeeper, and your uncle an accountant, a career in amongst the numbers seems almost inevitable. For Ricardo Pereira of Brixton, this was reinforced in college. He was studying travel and tourism, and came top of the class in a finance module.

In 2015, while working for a large company, he realised he wanted a change, and to have the control over his career that came from owning his own business. He turned to Ideal Schools to obtain the necessary qualifications, and soon had Lamosa Business Services up and running. In little over a year, he has more than 70 clients on his books, and is even subcontracting to cover demand.

Mr Pereira said: “Almost every job I’ve ever had has had some element of financial responsibility, and I really enjoyed the work. When I looked into it, I knew that Institute of Certified Bookkeepers (ICB) certification was what I wanted, and checked out the colleges that were offering ICB training.

“Ideal Schools was by far the most helpful, and they were the most enthusiastic about actually getting me the training I wanted, rather than just my money.

“Ideal Schools even sent me over a sample of the course material, and I thought it was the best-structured of any course I’d seen, so I can’t recommend them highly enough. It’s been tough, studying for the Level 4 material at the same time as running the business, but they’ve been very helpful.”

Being fluent in English and Portuguese, Ricardo has been able to provide business services for South London’s thriving Portuguese community as well, and has evolved this into a very successful bookkeeping business.

Ricardo said: “Ideal Schools brought me through the qualifications I needed to do almost everything my clients needed, and I’m working with them to get the next steps to really provide a full service for all my clients.

“The ICB Self-Assessment exam was a great boom to the business, and I spend a lot of my time helping out individuals and sole traders. I’m looking forward to growing the business, and seeing where this path can take me.”

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