On Tuesday 25th April, IDEAL Schools took part in a webinar, hosted by ICB’s CEO Ami Copeland and ICB’s Director of Learning, Peter Stewart, which looked at the advantages of adding ICB’s Level 4 Diploma in Bookkeeping and Accounting to your portfolio. Peter starts by introducing the various elements of the qualification and talks through some of the concepts involved.

The webinar clearly shows potential students what you are getting when you enrol with IDEAL Schools. The level of support and the frequency and quality of communication are discussed throughout.


  • IDEAL Schools Director, Brian McVean explains how this particular qualification can enable bookkeepers to become a ‘one-stop shop’ for clients thereby maximising retained earnings and why IDEAL Schools are the best choice training provider for this course.
  • IDEAL Schools Tutor Caryl Gibson B.A.(Hons) FICB ACM talks about her approach to tutoring students completing this course. The Double Luca award-winning chair of ICB’s Devon Branch, ICB Fellow and Advisory Council member, Caryl opened her own practice in 2017 following several years of employment in the financial services sector. Caryl chose to study ICB Level 4 with IDEAL Schools, was honoured to be asked to become a taxation tutor in 2022 and since that time Caryl has helped our students to successfully gain the qualifications. Among other themes, she highlights the undoubted benefits of having your very own ‘study buddy’ at the end of the phone when the written word just isn’t hitting the mark in helping understand a concept or calculation. She also talks about the advantages for students at this level of having a tutor who is using these qualifications in their own practice on a day to day basis.
  • IDEAL Schools Student Clare Kendall MICB, the winner of ICB Small Practice of the Year 2022 LUCA Award, has worked as a sole trader in CLK Books since 2020. She is also the ICB Branch Co-Chair for Lincolnshire. Clare talks about her experience of studying the Level 4 modules with IDEAL Schools, the ‘exceptional feedback’ she received while studying and the benefit the SAT element of the course in particular has brought her practice when providing this service for sole traders.

You can view the recording here:


Please note the discount code has now expired but we are always happy to discuss payment options with students.

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