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21st April 2021
The Bookkeepers' Oscars This Sunday 25th April sees the 93rd Academy Awards take place......

This Sunday 25th April sees the 93rd Academy Awards take place to honour the movies released in 2020. Having recently written about the success of Ideal Schools at the LUCA Awards – also known as the OSCARS of the bookkeeping industry - we thought it was important to take a light-hearted look at the original Oscars through our own bookkeeping bifocals…

Watch out for Sacha Baron Cohen nominated in best supporting role in the ‘The trial Balance of Chicago 7’ or best documentary nominee ‘The Mole Enrolled Agent’.

It got us thinking of other classic films with a bookkeeping theme…

Saving Private Income

The Magnificent Seven Bookkeepers

The Great Escrow Account

Lost in a Suspense Account

Trial by Balance

To the Devil a Debit

Full Metallic Accounts Folder

The Treasures of the Secret Mandate

The Last Debit

The Unaccountables

Lost in Transaction

Mission Insolvency

The Bad Debt Legacy

Double Entry Indemnity

Turnover and Hooch

Death of a Salesman

The Social Networth

Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journal

The Accountant

Gross Pointe Blank

Tango & Cash

Trading Places

Suicide Squad: Hell to Payroll

The in-credit-ible Hulk

One Flew Overhead The Cuckoo’s Nest

Accounting Dracula

House At The End Of The Spreadsheet

Little Invoice

The Shawshank Tax Redemption

Can you add to our list? Contact us via twitter or Facebook with your suggestions!

Good luck to all those nominated at the awards!