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How to get a stream of clients - NOW and for years to come

Don't miss out on this exceptional opportunity to grow your business and the 'not to be repeated' introductory discount (limited to the first 50 business orders)

Make your practice more visible in just five easy steps:
1 - Take a short time to read the following introduction and view Simon's video, where he explains clearly how video promotion can help you expand your practice.
2 - Select your preferred number of videos and place your order.
3 - Simon will contact you to personalise your videos.
4 - You will receive your videos in a matter of days.
5 - Add your new videos to your website, emails and follow the network tips provided by Simon.

It has been become clear in recent years that video is a very powerful and economic way to attract new business.

At ideal Schools we have been working with Simon Organ who specialises in the use of video for businesses to attract clients and improve the results from normal marketing activities such as referrals, networking, websites and social media.

The aim of our collaboration with Simon is to help you, our network of Bookkeepers to have an easy, effective yet low cost client attraction method either for when they are starting their businesses or when they want to find more clients.

Simon has made an explanatory video for you which includes an example the first of three videos which target business owner ‘DIY’ bookkeepers, businesses who already use a bookkeeping service  and the third target, Accountants. Each of of the videos which have been made can be tailored to have your business logo, qualifications and contact details. Click on the link below to watch the video.

To watch the other two videos, please email Simon – so@vmasltd.co.uk and he will send you a link. Simon will also make himself available to discuss how you can use the video(s) and if you would like to make any changes to the videos to suit your individual business.

Some of you may wish to change the video script, presenter or backgrounds to suit your individual practices, to discuss the changes you would want and any associated cost amendments, please contact Simon directly either by email at so@vmasltd.co.uk or book an discussion appointment by clicking on this link – consultation– which will take you to Simon’s diary to book a mutually convenient time.

Also, due to the current difficult times we are all facing,  we have negotiated to offer these videos at a heavily discounted cost. This offer will be open to the first 50 orders received.

If you are looking to find a simple and effective way to attract new clients, short term and for years to come, this is an opportunity not to be missed, but we suggest you act quickly as the demand will be high.

IMPORTANT NOTE – The Introductory offer is limited to the first 50 Bookkeepers who purchase.

Interest Free Payment Option:
We have provided a payment option for our two and three video bundles. If you take advantage of this, your first video will be released shortly after the initial purchase and subsequent videos released when monthly payments are processed.

Introductory Discounted Purchase Options

VP001 One Promotional Video


One Promotional Video:
This option allows you to select any one of the three promotional videos that we have available, enabling you to target a specific group of potential clients.

Introductory Offer - Save 32% on a single video

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VP002 Two Promotional Videos


Two Promotional Videos:
This option allows you to select any two of the three promotional videos that we have available, enabling you to target two groups of potential clients.

Introductory Offer - Save 46% on this two video package

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VP003 Three Promotional Videos


Three Promotional Videos:
This option provides you with three videos, allowing you to target the three potential client markets we have identified.

Introductory Offer - Save 52% on this three video package

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