AICB – ICB Level 2 Certificate in Bookkeeping (Sage 50 Accounts or XERO)

AICB – ICB Level 2 Certificate In Bookkeeping (Sage 50 Accounts Or XERO)

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Course Fee:


You can pay the full price or pay a deposit of £110.00 (0% APR), followed by 8 monthly payments of £45.25

Advantages of studying with IDEAL:

This Associate Membership course, covering both manual & computerised bookkeeping elements, covers the basic principles of single and double entry bookkeeping and its application to business. There are no entry requirements for this course package and upon successful completion of your examinations possible employment opportunities would include Assistant Bookkeeper.

On its own this package is not suitable for self-employment as a bookkeeper. If this is your end goal one of the following packages would suit your requirements and be more cost effective: Click here for Self Employment course packages.

Ideal Schools will provide:

ICB Course Sample – you can view the first 25 pages of this, and other ICB courses, via THIS LINK.

Associated Exams:

A1, A2 & A3

Exam Structure:

3 x home based examinations

Study Time:

Approx 60-70 hours

Add Exam Fees to your Enrolment

Total exam fees for this course option are £249.00 (3 @ £83). When it comes to paying for your exams you have two options:

The choice is yours!!

Monthly Payment Notice

We do not charge interest for monthly payments. To cover costs of additional security measures recently implemented in the banking system, there is a £1.50 charge added to each monthly payments to cover the cost of applying these measures in our systems.


We fully appreciate that not all students have the same PC, laptop or MAC availablity and for this reason we are delighted to provide you with the following software choices. As you approached this section of your study we will confirm your preferred option with you:

Sage 50 Accounts Pro software: This is a windows based program that is provided with a 180 days license, which provides ample time to complete the computerised element of the qualification, where 20-25hrs of study is required.

XERO software This is suitable for any device with internet access so, if you are a MAC user with no access to a Windows platform, this is the perfect option for you.

The syllabus for the three associated exams are as follows:
Paper A1 – Basic double-entry bookkeeping to trial balance
Home /place of work-based assessment to include:
Paper A2 – Further double entry bookkeeping to trial balance
Home /place of work-based assessment to include:
Paper A3 – Data entry to trial balance using a computerised accounts package
Home /place of work-based test to include the use of a computerised accounting package to include:
This course is suitable for those of you:
Sage 50 Payroll software is supplied as part of this course.

Upon successful completion of this course you will be fully prepared for the ICB payroll examination.

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