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Be guided through your payroll course by our 2023 ICB Tutor of the Year, Nicola (Nicky) Fisher. Nicky has over 20 years experience of working in a payroll capacity and, within the last decade, has gained valuable experience in providing professional bookkeeping, payroll and taxation services to her own clients. She is an immensely popular tutor and, put simply, you'd be in the very best of hands.

Study of this practical and comprehensive course requires no prior knowledge or experience in the subject. You'll be guided through the basic payroll concepts, gradually building your knowledge so you'd have the ability to run a payroll service for a small/medium sized business, in an employed capacity or under self-employment.

The price of this course includes a copy of Sage 50 or BrightPay Payroll software and ALL official ICB Mocks, resulting in an exceptional examination pass rate. Quite simply the best value available!!

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  • Interest free payment option – NO credit checks or 3rd party finance
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  • Online access to ALL training materials – study on the go!
  • 1 year tutorial support via phone, email & 24/7 support via private Facebook groups
  • Sage 50 Payroll or BrightPay software
  • Continuous Self Progress tests & Answers
  • 15 x tutor marked assignments
  • 1 X IDEAL Mock paper (including personalised tutor feedback)
  • 2 x Official ICB online practice exams (Value = £36)
  • Additional CPD Service Certification
ICB Student Membership is not included within the cost of this course of study. After online course registration, if you have not provided details of your ICB Membership, we will add a surcharge of £40 to cover ICB membership. If you select to pay by monthly instalments the £40 charge will be spread evenly and added to your monthly payments.

Course Software Options
as you reach this section of study you'll be asked which software you'd prefer to use:
  • Sage 50 Payroll - (180 day license) Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7; Intel 2.0 GHz processor; 2 GB DDR3 RAM; 5 GB Hard Drive.
  • BrightPay - (unlimited license) Will operate on Windows or IOS (perfect if you are a MAC user)

Associated Exams: P3
Exam Structure: 1 x home based examination with 24hr completion period
Study Time: Approx 90-100 hours
CPD Status (for those holding Associate Membership or higher): 30 hours structured & unstructured, meeting ICB annual suggested target
Exam Pass Gaurantee
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If you DO NOT pass an exam we'll share responsibility and will pay 50% of one re-sit cost per exam. (T's & C's Apply)
This Course Is Suitable For Those Of You:
  • Who are new to payroll and who wish to acquire the skills and knowledge required of payroll clerks prior to employment.
  • Who have previously worked in payroll and have not received a qualification.
  • Who wish to return to working in payroll and need to update their knowledge.
  • Who are already employed in payroll processing or allied roles and who wish to ensure that they have both a firm foundation and the knowledge and skills to perform some non-routine tasks.
  • Who wish to acquire the skills to use the Sage software for their business or help their clients set up their payroll system.
  • Who wish to offer a payroll service to their clients.

Sage 50 Payroll Or BrightPay Software Is Supplied As Part Of This Course.
Upon successful completion of this course you will be fully prepared for the ICB payroll examination.
Exam Pass Gaurantee
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Our career support groups and our one-to-one mentoring services ensures you are supported well after your study is completed, helping you to be successful in your new career.

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Syllabus for ICB L3 Diploma in Payroll Management

What your course will cover

This qualification covers the theoretical knowledge and demonstration of the use of various tables and publications issued by HMRC and the demonstration of how to carry out computerised handling of payroll related matters. You must be able to demonstrate their ability to understand and carry out processing of the following:

Theory of payroll, including:
  • Understand the law relating to payroll, discrimination, employment status, data protection and confidentiality
  • The legislation for PAYE and National Insurance Contributions (NICs)
  • The requirements of the Working Time Directive
  • The Statutory Minimum Wage
  • Pension scheme and the different types of pension schemes together with the effect they may have on PAYE and NI deductions
  • The “Real Time Information” (RTI) scheme
  • Deadlines that apply for submitting information to HMRC
Calculate, the various payments that can make up an employee’s gross Pay, including:
  • The correct gross pay for each pay period for employees who are paid an annual salary, weekly wage, hourly pay, overtime, piecework and bonuses including statutory payments when appropriate
  • Statutory payments of sickness, maternity, paternity and adoption pay
  • Paid holiday in advance
National Insurance Contributions:
  • Contracted in and contracted out NI contributions
  • NI contributions for a gross pay figure
  • NICs for an employee being paid for periods (such as holidays) in advance
  • Tax codes
  • Calculate the amount of pay that is taxable for an employee with a given tax code and PAYE to be deducted
  • Change in tax code issued by HMRC (Forms P6 and P9)
Statutory deductions, including:
  • Student loans, and Attachment of earnings
  • NI deductions for Directors
  • NI deductions using the “non Cumulative” (“Alternative” or “Table method”) and the “Cumulative Director method”
Construction Industry Scheme (CIS):
  • The basic principles behind CIS
  • Understand the duties of a contractor to verify sub-contractors
  • Correctly calculate the amount of tax to be deducted if applicable
  • Understand how to make appropriate adjustments to payments to HMRC for CIS tax
  • Accurately complete a CIS300 form at month-end for a contractor business in the construction industry
  • Understand the duties of a sub-contractor to submit relevant invoices within appropriate timescales
  • Explain why tax may be deducted at source from such an invoice
  • Understand the different methods of reclaiming tax deducted depending on the legal entity of the business (i.e. sole trader v limited company)
Benefits in Kind (BIK):
  • The impact BIK has on an employee’s pay and their employer’s costs for; company car, private fuel, loan, private health insurance, other common basic benefits assuming all required details are provided and complete
  • Forms P11D, P11D(b) and P9D with details relating to the benefits and the deadlines by which they must be submitted
Various forms that apply to a business running a payroll, including:
  • P45, P46, P11 & P60
Using a Computerised payroll package (Sage 50 or BrightPay Payroll):
  • Installing, setting up, configuring and using it to produce accurate, comprehensive reports from a range of payroll scenarios encountered in a business of up to 10 employees.
  • Setting up the details of a new business including appropriate company and existing employee details. Some existing or new employees may be directors who undertake to have their NI deducted using different methods or employees who work irregular hours. Enter and process payroll for a variety of different pay periods and produce reports detailing gross pay, deductions and net pay for each period
  • Periodic back-ups of payroll-related information.
  • Produce summary reports
  • Deal with new employees, and employees leaving
  • Carry out or simulate a month end procedure under RTI and produce a number of required reports including potential adjustments resulting from CIS deductions and any other recoverable amounts. Note: under the new RTI scheme it is impossible to produce the month end information unless you are using a live business. Be prepared to be able to show what information would be submitted or to explain how this would work
Note: the ‘Basic PAYE Tools’ package provided by HMRC does not offer the level of sophistication required to cover this part of the syllabus.

Scenarios may include:
  • Making advance payment of holiday pay to an employee
  • Making a bonus payment to a defined range of employees
  • Configuring an attachment of earnings
  • Setting up a pension scheme for a range of employees.
  • Making Statutory payments for Sickness, Maternity, Paternity, Adoption
  • Processing a change to an employee’s tax code or basis under which a tax code operates
  • Configuring deductions of student loan repayments

Target Group

The course is designed to appeal to those who wish to set up a manual or computerised payroll system for their business or for their clients, and also for those who are aspiring to become professional payroll processors.
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