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22nd July 2016
Sandra Douglas My practice is increasingly successful!

Selected Courses: ICB Career Path & Level 4 Diploma in Management Accounting

Ideal Schools doesn’t just bring students into the world of bookkeeping. In the case of Sandra Douglas, she had been a finance analyst, senior accountant and financial manager for ten years, and member of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA).

After taking time out to raise her two children, Mrs Douglas wanted to rejoin the world of bookkeeping, on her own terms. She found Ideal Schools, and qualified to Member level of the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers with the program, going  into business for herself. Her practice, SKD Bookeeping, has gone from strength to strength, and has recently become a limited company.

Mrs Douglas said: “I had reactivated my membership of CIMA, but I felt I wanted to get more detail regarding the hands on aspects of bookkeeping, and Ideal Schools helped me through the exams with such a wealth of material and sources to work from. It was great working from home, and arranging the study around childcare and at my own pace.

It wasn’t just the course material, either. I was very impressed with the amount of one to one help I got from Brian (McVean) and the other staff. Evenings, weekends, even when he was on holiday; Brian was always at the end of a phone, or online to help through any problems I had.

“In fact, Ideal Schools almost over-prepared us for the tests. When I sat down to the exams, I felt I had a very good handle on the material. It got to the point where I was disappointed if I got less than 96% on any of the exams.”

Having recently achieved Fellow status with the ICB, Mrs Douglas has been in practice for herself for over five years, and credits Ideal Schools with giving her the skills and confidence to run her bookkeeping practice.

Mrs Douglas said: “Before, when I was working as a financial manager, I was working from the top down. I learnt to see accountancy from the bottom up, and Ideal Schools taught me the detailed work and to see the big picture.

“Thanks to the training I received from them; whenever a new client arrives, I have the confidence to solve whatever they come to me with. My practice is increasingly successful, and I’m looking at hiring on staff. I’ve regular clients who need accounts done at every frequency from twice weekly to the quarterlies and annuals.

“I recently signed on with Ideal Schools again to take the Level 4 Training, and qualify up to management level. I’d recommend them to anyone.”

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