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23rd August 2017
Theresa (Terry) Peers Her life-long gift for numbers stood her in good stead....

A lot of people starting in the world of bookkeeping have a background in finance to set them on the path. But few can boast, as Terry Peers can, that they learnt double entry bookkeeping before leaving primary school.

As a small child, Terry was bored at a formal function where her father was treasurer of the club. To keep her amused, he taught her the fundamentals of double entry bookkeeping, and it’s stayed with her ever since.

After obtaining a maths and computing degree and raising a family, Terry returned to work as an Avon lady, but a fall soon forced her to seek work without any heavy lifting. Her life-long gift for numbers stood her in good stead, and Ideal Schools was there to guide her through to becoming an Associate of the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers (ICB).

Terry said: “I was impressed from the start by the staff and materials at Ideal Schools. They absolutely made me feel there was no such thing as a stupid question, and no such thing as a bad time to ask. They’re such brilliant people.

“I could get help at any time of day or night, online, with the Facebook page, or even personal calls to Brian McVean and the other tutors. It really is a superb facility. It wasn’t long before I had my practice licence and was providing a tailored service to clients across Surrey.”

In September last year, however, Terry was struck by a heart spasm, and had to undergo a triple bypass, which necessitated her having to take three months without working. On her return, she felt it was time for a rebrand.

Terry said: “I wanted to do more with the fantastic qualifications I could only have got from Ideal Schools. I can provide more than bookkeeping now. With the skills I’ve obtained over the years, I can look at a business and see the patterns of profit and loss clearly.

“I want to be able to explain that to small business owners, and show them where they can improve their profitability, trim their outgoings, or just have a better feeling for how their business lives.” 

There are now two aspects to Terry's business:
Crocus Bookkeeping
The Business Whisperer

Terry studied the following course package -  CLICK HERE