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If you are already and ICB Member (MICB) and want to learn more about cost and management accounting; either to help with your current employment, or to provide additional advisory services to your clients, then this is the course for you. Our specially written training materials have been developed specifically for home study, providing regular examples and assignments, which provide personalised feedback from your course tutor. Extensive mock exam work is also provided to ensure your readiness for your final examination.

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Entry Requirements: Full Full Membership of ICB

Other Level 4 Certificate options to consider: Associated Exams: L4BI
Exam Structure: 1 X Home Based Examination
Study Time: Approx 70-80 Hours
CPD Status: 30 Hours Structured & Unstructured, Meeting ICB Annual Suggested Target
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Exam Pass Gaurantee
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We will provide you with EVERY available mock exam to ensure you are EXAM READY. If purchased seperately these would cost £36 for this course option.
Our career support groups and our one-to-one mentoring services ensures you are supported well after your study is completed, helping you to be successful in your new career.

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Syllabus for ICB Level 4 Certificate - Business Insight

Cost Behaviour And Analysis
Explain how costs will behave at different levels of activity; distinguishing between fixed, variable, stepped and semi-variable costs and the principle of ‘contribution’; Compare and contrast value-adding and non-value-adding activities and their associated costs

Forecasting And Budgeting
Explain factors to consider when preparing forecasts of activity levels; factors including: Competition, Pricing, Economic influences,Market trends; Explain the purposes of preparing budgets: Planning, Utilisation of scarce resources, Allocating responsibilities, Target-setting and performance management; Prepare an operational budget based on forecasts for sales and resource availability; Prepare flexible budgets to demonstrate possible out-turns for best-case and worst-case scenarios.

Setting Targets To Monitor Performance
Using flexed budgets, identify possible reasons for total budget variances. Note that a break-down of budget variances into component parts (such as price and usage variances) will not be tested; nor will reconciliation of budget to actual profit be; Compare and contrast the use of financial and non-financial measures for performance measurement. NOTE that Kaplan and Norton’s Balanced Scorecard will not be examined, although it may be a useful learning tool to explore the benefits of incorporating non-financial performance measures.

The Operating Cycle
Calculate and explain the operating cycle using: Stock days (raw materials, W.I.P and finished goods as appropriate), Debtor days, Creditor days; Evaluate proposals to manage the operating cycle by reducing investment in stock; Evaluate proposals to manage the operating cycle by reducing the investment in debtors using either early settlement discounts or debt collection services (factoring)

Short-term Financing Financing Decisions
Compare and contrast the use of short-term and long-term finance to fund the working capital cycle with specific attention to: Costs, Flexibility, Risk; Identify the relative advantages of funding working capital financing requirements using either an Aggressive approach (relying mainly on short-term financing), or, Conservative approach (raising long-term financing)

Short-term Decision Making
Identify relevant costs for short-term decision making, including the concept of sunk costs, avoidable costs and opportunity costs; Appraise short-term decision scenarios.

Capital Investment Decision Making
Identify relevant cash flows for a capital investment decision; Explain the principle of the time value of money; Evaluate project cash flows using: Simple (not discounted) payback period, or, Net present value (NPV)
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